Do I need both Realtek and Nvidia audio drivers?

Do I need both Realtek and Nvidia audio drivers?

They both do different things. nVidia will be audio over HDMI from you GPU. Realtek will be for the audio ports on your mobo. So install both.

How do I change my Nvidia high definition audio to Realtek?

Right-click the Start button and choose Device Manager from Win + X menu. Navigate to Sound, video and game controllers. Right-click Realtek HD Audio driver and choose Properties from the menu. In the Driver tab, click the Roll Back Driver button.

Should I uninstall Nvidia HD audio driver?

Uninstall the NVIDIA HD Audio driver. It is not mandatory unless you depend on HDMI Audio output.

Does Nvidia need USBC driver?

3840×2160@60Hz (USB Type-C). So, yes you can run a monitor trough that USB-C, but you will need the Nvidia USB-C drivers to do that.

How do I use Nvidia high definition audio?

  1. From the NVIDIA Control Panel navigation tree pane, under Display, click Set up digital audio to open the associated page.
  2. Verify displays that will appear as audio devices in the Windows Sound settings as follows:
  3. Click Apply when done.
  4. Click Open Windows Sound Settings.

Is Realtek HD Audio driver good?

Yes. Realtek sound cards integrated on motherboards are good sound cards, especially the Realtek 892 and 887 especially used with solid capacitors on the motherboard. It is worth saying that not all motherboard are made equal. Some motherboards will give you a better sound despite being advertised with the same chip.

Should you use Realtek audio?

Many users asked themselves if installing the Realtek HD Audio Manager is required when having no audio issues. The answer is no, the driver is not crucial for running your PC audio properly. Realtek HD Audio Manager acts as a control panel for your audio adapters.

Do I need Realtek audio drivers?

You need this driver for your audio device to even work on the PC – so uninstalling it would create serious audio errors. To further customize your sound experience, you can download the Realtek High Definition Audio Manager, but it is not necessary just to plug in new speakers or use your system’s sounds.

Do audio drivers affect FPS?

That being said, sound cards do not improve FPS.

How do I manage Nvidia high definition audio?

Why do RTX cards have USB-C?

The USB-C port is a VirtualLink port on the back of most Nvidia RTX graphics cards. It delivers graphics to the monitor using alt-mode DisplayPort.

Is there a conflict between Nvidia HD audio and Realtek HD Audio?

I have a strong hunch that there’s some conflict between Nvidia HD Audio and Realtek HD Audio drivers. Disabling one or both of the drivers tends to get rid of the stuttering. Nvidia HD Audio driver reinstalls itself though.

Why does my audio driver not work with Nvidia HD?

The Nvidia HD audio driver has been known to conflict with the Realtek drivers in the past, so uninstalling the Nvidia HD audio drivers could fix the problem. – The Realtek audio chip could also be faulting.

How do I get Realtek audio drivers to work?

Downloaded the latest drivers from Realtek through motherboard website. Downloaded latest GFX drivers from manufacturer. It’s working now. You should have both Realtek and Nvidia HD audio in Device Manager, and it will still work. Just make sure to select “Speakers” (Realtek High Definition Audio) under Sound Management.

What’s the difference between Nvidia and Realtek?

They both do different things. nVidia will be audio over HDMI from you GPU. Realtek will be for the audio ports on your mobo. So install both. Intel Core i3-5005U, 8GB RAM, Crucial MX 100 128GB, Touch-Screen, Intel 7260 WiFi/Bluetooth card. TruPureX, Asus Zenwatch 3. Softmodded Fat PS2 w/ 80GB HDD, and a Dreamcast.