Did you see a UFO in the International Space Station?

Did you see a UFO in the International Space Station?

Scott C. Waring, the founder of UFO Sightings Daily, was the one who first spotted the unidentified flying object, and he posted a video showing exactly where it was and what it looks like. He explained, “I was watching the NASA live space station cam when I noticed the camera zooming in on a strange object coming from below the space station.

Is this an alien antenna on the Moon?

Mark Sawalha, a UFO hunter based in Finland, spotted a ‘strange spike’ in a Nasa photo of the lunar surface. He claims is an alien antenna that could be located on the roof of an alien base. ‘Aliens are using moon minerals and they have bases there too.

Was the alien girl ever found on the Moon?

The alien girl supposedly found on an ancient spaceship in the Delporte Crater on the Moon in 1976. Right. If you were to believe Nasa’s records, then that would be that “end of, go home get a bath”.

Did you know there was a spaceship on the Moon?

This spaceship on the Moon (Apollo Mission Image number AS20-1020) was found a while back. People often overlook the fact that this thing was so inspirational to many people growing up! Whoever saw this image did so but pre-internet, before the mass media and before the ability to share an image instantly.

What was that strange light on the NASA ISS live feed?

In 2016, a strange light was spotted near Earth on the NASA live feed. Soon after it appeared, the feed was cut. NASA later stated the object was either space junk, a reflection, or light from Earth. If you want to keep an eye out for UFOs on the NASA ISS live feed, you can here.

Is this Hollywood’s version of a spacecraft from another world?

Beginning their return from the moon to an April 27, 1972, splashdown, Astronauts John Young, Thomas Mattingly and Charles Duke captured about four seconds of video footage of an object that seemed to look a lot like Hollywood’s version of a spacecraft from another world. Image on right: Image enhancement of the object and linear feature.

What happened to the pinecone that fell past the International Space Station?

Recently, the astronauts on the ISS were doing some routine maintenance on the station but as the camera rolled, a pinecone shaped metallic object moved past the space station before turning upward and shooting off into space.

Did a Russian cosmonaut capture UFO footage on the International Space Station?

Ivan Vagner, a Russian cosmonaut currently orbiting the Earth aboard the International Space Station (ISS), claims to have captured footage of potential UFOs while recording video of the southern lights. “Space guests, or how I filmed the new time-lapse,” Vagner wrote in a tweet featuring the video on Wednesday morning.

Who is the Russian cosmonaut in the mysterious video on Twitter?

Roscosmos, Russia’s space agency, shared the video on its own Twitter account on Wednesday. “An interesting and at the same time mysterious video made by cosmonaut of Roscosmos Ivan Wagner … from the International Space Station,” the agency tweeted, along with a thoughtful emoji.