Can I look up my PlayStation trophies online?

Can I look up my PlayStation trophies online?

Sony has discontinued the web version of MyPlayStation and is directing people to the mobile app instead. The ability to see your PlayStation social information and Trophies from a web browser is no more.

How do you search for users on PSN?

Whether you are a new member of PlayStation or an old player, you can search for players and make new friends from the official website of PlayStation Just click on the twin square smiley face icon on the upper right area and begin searching.

What is PSNProfiles?

And PSNProfiles is the place to be for PlayStation users, currently boasting more than 391,000 active users who have earned an impressive 3.5 billion trophies. …

How can I see my trophies?

What you want to do is tap your name on the Play section and then select Trophies. This will take you to your entire trophy collection for your PS4 and PS5 games.

Who viewed PSN profile?

No, there is nothing to show who has viewed your profile at

Do ps3 trophies still work?

Trophies are written into their operating systems and game codes. Even if their online functionality go completely offline, the trophies will still be saved on the Hard Drive or storage.

Who has the most PlayStation Platinum trophies?

Who has the most Platinum Trophies?

Pos Gamer Platinum Trophies Won
1 Roughdawg4 4,360
2 Hakoom 4,069
3 tusman 3,915
4 caro3c-gabber9 3,849

Will Little Nightmares 2 have a platinum trophy?

As long as you follow along with those chapter guides, you will have the platinum at the end. There are two trophies that are cumulative and not chapter-specific.

Can you tell if someone looks at your ps4 profile?

There’s no way to tell when someone is actively viewing your profile, but if you see the “View” counter increase, that means someone viewed your profile.

Who has the most trophies on PSN?

The Last Of Us Remastered.

  • Furi.
  • Grand Theft Auto V.
  • Gran Turismo Sport.
  • Alien: Isolation.
  • The Evil Within.
  • Super Meat Boy.
  • Monster Hunter World/Iceborne.
  • Does PSN version have trophies?

    They said that the PS2 Games on PS3 will be the game as it was on the PS2, no updated graphics or trophies. If it’s anything like PS1 Classics, & since it’s being released under “PS2 Classics”, then no. It’s probably just a straight port of the PS2 version.

    Will I get trophies in PS Now?

    With PS Now’s price slashed to $59.99 per year, this service is a fantastic option for Trophy hunters to more easily access Trophies. This is PSU’s PS Now Platinum List you never knew you needed until now!

    Can you get PSN Trophies on a PSP?

    You can already access the Playstation Store from the PSP, you can already login to your PSN account to play online multiplayer. Heck, you can even play PS3 games on your PSP via Remote Play. Why not unlock trophies too? There are a number of reasons that would make trophies on the PSP an excellent idea.