Will there be a Hello Stranger Season 2?

Will there be a Hello Stranger Season 2?


No. Title Original release date
2 “Hello Feelings” July 1, 2020
After Mico liked his photo, Xavier teases him about not accepting his follow request. Meanwhile, Mico gives unsolicited advice to Xavier that may ruin their partnership.
3 “Hello Heartbeat” July 8, 2020

Where can I see Hello Stranger the movie?

Watch Hello, Stranger | Netflix.

Will Hello Stranger the movie be on Netflix?

Tony Labrusca, JC Alcantara’s ‘Hello Stranger’ coming to Netflix | ABS-CBN News.

Where can I watch Hello Stranger Movie 2021?

HELLO STRANGER: THE MOVIE is available to stream worldwide on February 12, 2021 on KTX.ph, iWant TFC, and TFC IPTV, Sky Cable pay-per-view, and Cignal pay-per-view.

How do I respond to a stranger on Whatsapp?

4 Answers. Just be straightforward. Tell them you don’t recognize their number and explain why (even if you should have it).

What does it mean when a guy texts Hey stranger?

“Hey, stranger” is a salutation used to greet someone you haven’t heard from in a “long time.” What constitutes a “long time” is relative, and may be a function of the affection one feels for someone, or it may simply be a temporal reference – 20 years is a long time – if I hadn’t heard from an acquaintance in 20 years …

What should I reply to unknown girl?

Just say hi, tell her what your name is, and ask her how she’s doing….Here are some things you can tell her about:

  • Your siblings.
  • Your favorite after school activities.
  • Your favorite things to do with friends.
  • Your favorite foods.
  • Your most interesting experiences.
  • Anything unique from your past.

Is it weird to say Hey stranger?

What does it mean when a girl says hi stranger?

It means you and she haven’t communicated in a while and she’s saying hello. She probably wants to catch up. “Stranger” isn’t meant literally. It’s just referring to the fact you haven’t spoken in a while.

Who are the actors in Hello Stranger?

Hello Stranger (Thai: กวน มึน โฮ, RTGS: Kuan Muen Ho) is a 2010 romantic-comedy Thai film produced by Banjong Pisanthanakun, starring Chantavit Dhanasevi (Thai: ฉันทวิชช์ ธนะเสวี) and Nuengthida Sophon (Thai: หนึ่งธิดา โสภณ).

Is the movie Hello Stranger worth watching?

“Hello Stranger” is a beautiful movie, and it is well worth a watch if you enjoy Asian cinema and want to have a break from horror and martial arts, which tends to be the main focus when thinking of Asian cinema (of course, I am generalizing here). By what name was Kuan meun ho (2010) officially released in Canada in English?

Is’Hello Stranger’a good movie?

But “Hello Stranger” does prove that there are more to Thai cinema than martial arts and horror, because this romantic comedy really is a nice and beautiful movie. The story is set in Korea, where two strangers meet by sheer luck, both of them being from Thailand and both of them being heartbroken in ways.