Who is the CEO of Acne Studios?

Who is the CEO of Acne Studios?

Johnny Johansson is a co-founder and creative director of Swedish apparel company Acne Studios . Johansson founded the company in 1996 as part of creative collective that had ambitions to produce something novel, Acne is an acronym of Ambition to create novel expressions.

Where are Acne Studios jeans made?

Italy is our most important production country and this year we have officially opened an Acne Studios office for our shoe and leather goods production. We have production of more or less all other product groups in various parts of Italy as well, but this production is mainly handled from our head office in Stockholm.

Is ACNE the same as Acne Studios?

Since Acne – which actually stands for Ambition to Create Novel Expressions – began, though, the label otherwise known as a common skin disorder has become distinctly hip. “People said it was a weird name, and I agree with them.” The brand’s official title now is Acne Studios.

Why is Acne Studios so popular?

The brand aims to produce quality clothing that are timeless with a focus on environmental strategy. They became very popular and covetable, resulting in Wallpaper Magazine and Vogue Paris picking up on this, urging ACNE to create more apparel and expand beyond denim.

Does Acne Studios have good quality?

So if you’re skeptical about the quality of Acne Studios, don’t be! Because Acne Studios promises to deliver excellent quality, comfort, and detailed manufacturing in each of their item. The greatest assurance about their quality is the 12 month guarantee that comes with their products.

Is Acne Studios worth the money?

So if you ask about Acne Studios, we can safely say that it is a legit e-commerce store. We haven’t heard of any scams so far. The products arrive on time and the quality is up to the mark. Moreover, they also make appearances on Paris Fashion Week and that itself is the biggest guarantee of their authenticity.

What does ACNE mean in Swedish?

No, not dermatological-affliction acne; Swedish design conglomerate Acne. Acne, pronounced ACK-nay by the locals, stands for Ambition to Create Novel Expressions.

What is Acne Studios worth?

That values Acne Studios at $480M. Earlier in 2018, the company was working with Goldman Sachs on a possible sale, at a valuation of up to €500M ($570 million).