Where is Monique Davis now?

Where is Monique Davis now?

Davis is currently an infielder on the Hampton University softball team.

Where does Monet Davis go to college?

Hampton University
Mo’ne Davis chooses Hampton University to play softball because ‘everything felt right’ — The Undefeated.

Where is Mo NE Davis from?

South Philadelphia, Philadelphia, PA
Mo’ne Davis/Place of birth

What does Mo NE Davis do?

Mo’ne Ikea Davis (born June 24, 2001) is an American former Little League Baseball pitcher and current Hampton University softball player from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania….Mo’ne Davis.

Personal information
Sport Baseball, softball
Position Pitcher (baseball) Second baseman (softball)
University team Hampton Lady Pirates

How old is Mo NE Davis now?

20 years (June 24, 2001)
Mo’ne Davis/Age
At just 13 years old, Davis was named one of Time Magazine’s 25 most influential teens of 2014. With her 15 minutes of fame long gone, many have wondered what the now-20-year-old adult is doing with her life.

Who are Mo NE Davis parents?

Lamar Davis
Lakeisha McLean
Mo’ne Davis/Parents

Why did Mo NE Davis switch to softball?

When asked why she committed to playing softball at Hampton, she told Sports Illustrated, “I wanted to do something for the next four years… To have fun, and softball was it. Nowadays, sports are a little too serious… I just try to have as much fun as possible.”

Who was the first girl to play in the LLWS?

Five years later, Victoria Brucker, a first baseman for Eastview Little League of San Pedro, Calif., became the first U.S. girl to play in the LLWS—and the first girl to get a hit in the tournament.

How old is Mo NE Davis?

Mo’ne Davis/Age

Which Little League World Series team has a girl?

Wylie Little League team
Ella Bruning is the talk of the Little League World Series. The 12-year-old starting catcher for the Wylie Little League team from Abilene, Texas, is the lone girl competing in this year’s tournament. Ella is only the 20th female to play in the Little League World Series (LLWS) in the event’s 73 years.

How hard did Mo NE Davis throw?

Mo’ne Davis and her 70-mph fastball stole the show in Williamsport, Pennsylvania, where she became the first girl to ever earn a win and pitch a shutout in the tournament after her Taney Dragons Little League team from Philadelphia defeated Nashville, 4-0. She wasn’t just a girl playing with the boys baseball team.

Why is Mo NE Davis famous?

Davis was the talk of the sports world and beyond after becoming the first girl to win a game in the Little League World Series. Her success has inspired other girls to pursue baseball, although no girls will be playing for the championship at Williamsport when the 16-team tournament starts Thursday.