Where are the data centres in Australia?

Where are the data centres in Australia?


Data Centre City Pricing zone
Equinix ME1 578 Lorimer Street Melbourne AUS
NextDC M1 Melbourne 826 Lorimer St Melbourne SYDNEY
Vocus Melbourne 530 Collins St Melbourne SYDNEY
Equinix PE2 37 Lemnos St, Shenton Park Perth view latency AUS

Where are data Centres located?

2. UK. The UK houses 452 data centres in total, 70 of which are based in the country’s capital city, London. Some of the biggest data centres in the UK are The KAO Data Campus, Next Generation Data Centre, GTP 3 Data Centre, Telehouse North, and VIRTUS Data Centre.

Is Azure a Tier 4?

From generation 1 the datacenters have been designed to meet the customer SLAs and service needs of 99,999%. Given that a tier 4 datacenter is designed towards a customer SLA and service need of 99,995%, we can state that an Azure Datacenter exceeds the expectations of a tier 4 datacenter.

Why are there so many data centers in Northern Virginia?

Parts of Virginia devastated by job losses in coal mining, manufacturing, tobacco, and correctional facilities have started to attract data centers, bringing employment and investment to low-income rural communities, according to a 2020 report commissioned by the Northern Virginia Technology Council.

Why choose the Macquarie government Canberra Data Centre?

Purpose Built for the Australian Government. The Macquarie Government Canberra Data Centre campus is not only secure, but also 100% sovereign. An Australian owned and operated facility means your data and its management remains entirely within Australia’s sovereign jurisdiction.

Why choose Australian data centres?

Australian Data Centres entered the market in 2010 and was commissioned to operational status in 2014. Since then, it has remained at the forefront of Australia’s data centre industry and matured into one of the nation’s leading data security facilities – the crowning achievement of its founders.

Why choose ADC data centres?

The only Australian privately owned and operated data centre, ADC keeps your data and information safe onshore.