What zone is Sabadell?

What zone is Sabadell?

fare zone 2
Sabadell: fare zone 2, sector C.

Which zone is Sitges?

Zone 3
However, it is important to remember that Sitges is in Zone 3. This means that you will have to purchase the T-Casual that covers zones 1 – 3. You can purchase the T-Casual Zone 3 ticket from the RENFE train station entrance at Barcelona Airport Terminal 2.

How many zones are there in Barcelona?

6 transport
A: There are 6 transport zones in Barcelona. The zones are related to transport distances from the city centre. Zone 1 area encompasses the centre of the city. The zone numbers increase as you move further out from the centre.

What zone is the airport in Barcelona?

zone one
More importantly, Barcelona airport is in zone one on the TMB map and zone 4 on the RENFE map!

Is Sabadell a Catalan?

Sabadell (Catalan pronunciation: [səβəˈðeʎ]) is a city in Catalonia, Spain. It is in the south of the comarca of Vallès Occidental and its joint capital (co-capital), on the River Ripoll, 20 km (12 mi) north of Barcelona.

What zone is Montserrat?

Montserrat Monastery is not in transport Zone 1. You can only use the Hola BCN card for transport and activities in Barcelona city centre which is in Zone 1. You can take the metro from Barcelona City Centre to Plaça España station. Then, from there you have two options going up the Monastery.

How much is a ticket to Sitges?

The price of train tickets from Barcelona to Sitges starts at €7.05 one-way for a Standard Class ticket if you book in advance. Booking on the day is usually more expensive and costs can vary depending on the time of day, route or class.

How do you get to Sitges from UK?

It usually takes around 23 hours 36 minutes to travel the 715 miles (1151 km) from London to Sitges by train, although you can get there in as little as 23 hours 36 minutes on the fastest services. You’ll normally find around 1 train per day running on this route.

What are the metro zones in Barcelona?

The Barcelona metropolitan area is divided into 6 travel zones. Zone 1 is the centre of Barcelona, and zones 2-6 are each gradually further away from the centre, zone 6 being the furthest out – see the official TMB zone map here.

How much is a T10 ticket in Barcelona?

T10: transfers from Barcelona airport to the centre. The ticket costs 10.20 euros, which leaves you in less than 1 euro any trip that you are going to make from the Barcelona airport to the centre (it goes by zones and the airport and the city are included in the same area).