What type of motorcycle is a Honda CTX700?

What type of motorcycle is a Honda CTX700?

2016 Honda CTX700 Specifications

Model: CTX700 / CTX700D with automatic Dual Clutch Transmission and ABS
Engine Type: 670cc liquid-cooled parallel-twin
Bore and Stroke: 73.0mm x 80.0mm
Compression ratio: 10.7:1
Valve Train: SOHC; four valves per cylinder

How fast does the Honda CTX700 go?

Drivetrain. Power output seems relatively modest with 48 ponies at 6,100 rpm, but in practice you can expect to get from 0-to-60 mph in something around five seconds.

What years did Honda make the CTX700?

Honda CTX 700

Make Model Honda CTX 700
Year 2014 – 15
Engine Four stroke , Parallel twin, SOHC, 4 valves per cylinder
Capacity 670 cc / 40.8 cu-in
Bore x Stroke 73 × 80 mm

Is Honda CTX a good motorcycle?

Overall, the CTX is a capable machine great for highway cruising and commuting, especially for novice riders. However, the 3.17 gallon fuel tank won’t get you too far between stops, even at Honda’s estimated 64 mpg, so serious touring riders may be left wanting.

Is the Honda CTX a cruiser?

The Honda CTX1300 is a cruiser motorcycle with shaft drive and a longitudinally mounted V4 engine.

Is there an automatic transmission motorcycle?

Everything from cruisers to adventure bikes are going clutchless nowadays. Although called “automatic motorcycles,” the bikes below have either dual-clutch transmissions with automatic modes or one-gear transmissions.

How fast is a Honda ctx700 DCT?

lbs) @ 4750 RPM . With this drive-train, the Honda CTX700N DCT ABS is capable of reaching a maximum top speed of ….

Honda CTX700N DCT ABS Dimensions, Aerodynamics and weight
Wheelbase 1,530 mm (60.2 inches)
Length 2,255 mm (88.8 inches)
Width 855 mm (33.7 inches)

What does CTX stand for Honda?

Comfort, Technology and Experience
The Honda CTX series is a series of motorcycles created by Honda for the 2014 model year. According to Honda marketing materials, CTX stands for “Comfort, Technology and Experience.” The series includes the following models: CTX700/CTX700N. CTX1300.

Does Honda still make the ctx1300?

Honda does not produce either anymore. There are, however, crated motorcycles still for sale. The CTX was a one year only model….

Does Honda still make the CTX1300?

The Honda CTX1300 is a cruiser motorcycle with shaft drive and a longitudinally mounted V4 engine….Honda CTX1300.

Manufacturer Honda
Production 2014
Predecessor Honda ST1300
Engine 1,261 cc (77.0 cu in) liquid-cooled V four four-stroke engine
Transmission shaft drive

Is a CTX700 a good touring motorcycle?

The CTX700, which weighs 500 lbs. wet, is a wonderful touring motorcycle, and for me it offers another decade of motorcycling. My bike has a tall windscreen, locking saddlebags, a tachometer, clock, ABS brakes, tubeless tires, 6-speed transmission and a fuel range of over 300 kms. (over 190 miles).

What to expect from the 2021 Honda CTX700 DCT?

New 2021 Honda CTX700 DCT Review – The CTX700 DCT is designed to drive what we all love about riding and take it further. we expect the 2021 CTX700DCT to be designed as little as possible and have as much power and technology as possible including Automatic DCT transmission and Anti-Lock Brake System.

What kind of engine does a Honda CTX700 DCT have?

2018 Honda CTX700 DCT Totalmotorcycle.com Features and Benefits. •Sophisticated liquid-cooled SOHC eight-valve 670cc parallel-twin engine pumps out abundant torque in the low-end and midrange for easily accessible power. •An impressively broad torque curve gives the CTX700 DCT a linear, smooth power delivery.

What kind of braking system does a CTX700 have?

•Antilock Braking System (ABS) provides full antilock functionality for secure braking action. •Low seat height and very low center of gravity make the CTX700 DCT feel remarkably nimble and fun to ride. •Fuel capacity of 3.27 gallons and great fuel efficiency give the CTX700 DCT a long cruising range.