What should a pastoral reference include?

What should a pastoral reference include?

The reference should be completed by a pastor, small group leader, missions leader, etc. Ideally it should be someone that can address your ministry involvement who you have served with/under or alongside.

What is pastoral reference?

The pastoral reference is one of the items that applicants must submit with a teaching application to the SMCDSB. Priests who provide a reference for teacher applicants are encouraged to interview the applicant on the basis of the form, and/or compose a letter as they prefer.

Can a priest be a reference?

The reference should be given by the appropriate priest, who is normally either: • your own Parish Priest (i.e. the Parish Priest of the Parish in which you live); or • the Parish Priest of the Parish where you worship regularly (if different).

What is a faith referee?

A referee in the case of the approval process. for teaching posts in Catholic schools is someone. who knows the candidate well enough to give some indication as to their character. and religious beliefs.

What is Catholic school identity?

Brisbane Catholic Education defines Catholic identity as the way in which the Gospel of Jesus is given living expression throughout every school and office community. A contemporary Catholic Identity is borne of the encounter between faith, life and culture.

What makes Catholic schools distinctive?

Catholic schools are guided in all they do by an important and coherent vision of education. This gives rise to an educational endeavour centred on the person of Jesus Christ, who is our Way, Truth and Life.

Do you need to be Catholic to teach in a Catholic school Scotland?

(Scotland) Act 1989 Sch. 10]. To enable Dundee City Council to fulfil its statutory responsibilities, appointments to teaching posts in Roman Catholic schools will only be made where candidates have secured the approval of the Roman Catholic Church as to their “religious belief and character”.

Do you have to be Catholic to work in a Catholic school Scotland?

The Equality and Human Rights Commission (EHRC) has told the Scottish Government to look again at legislation on so-called Catholic approval. Under the 1980 Education (Scotland) Act any teacher appointed to any post at a Catholic school has to be approved according to their “religious belief and character”.

What is Catholic ethos in schools?

Catholic ethos, described as the search for truth, and a search to discover ‘the meaning of life’ and a search that empowers individuals, and that ‘enables an integration of faith, life and culture’, (National Catholic Education Commission: 2001), contains within it personal re-shaping and process of self- …

What is our Catholic identity and mission?

The role of the Director of Catholic Identity & Mission is to support the Principal in developing and promoting an authentic culture of Catholic education for the contemporary context. We are supported and challenged by the Archbishop’s Charter for Catholic Schools and the charisms of our founding Orders.

What is the head of a Catholic school called?

Roman Catholic parochial schools in the United States are organized on a diocesan basis and are supported principally by voluntary offerings from the parishioners and by tuition. The administration of the schools of a diocese is the direct responsibility of the bishop.

Why work for York Catholic district school board?

York Catholic District School Board is proud to consistently be ranked one of the top performing school Boards in Ontario. We welcome individuals to apply to the diverse range of employment opportunities the Board has to offer. A current list of available opportunities can be viewed below.

What is York Catholic school like?

York Catholic is a private middle and high school where students in grades 7 through 12 are encouraged to break the mold and are empowered with the skills to be inspired learners, leaders and innovative thinkers. Success in college and beyond starts at York Catholic and we welcome the opportunity to show you what makes the journey so special.

What is a pastoral reference?

Pastoral reference (current) – a Pastoral Reference confirming that you are a practicing Roman Catholic (completed Priest Reference Form or written letter from your Parish Priest). Must be issued within the past 12 months.

What is your favorite thing about York Catholic?

Our favorite, by far, has been our time here in York. York Catholic has played a major role. It is a special place where students can grow and participate in a wide variety of activities and where values and morals can still be incorporated into the learning experience. York Catholic is truly a family.