What is Yamaha XMAX top speed?

What is Yamaha XMAX top speed?

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  • 2018- 2022.
  • Make: Yamaha.
  • Model: X-Max.
  • Engine: single cylinder.
  • Displacement: 292 cc.
  • Top Speed: 85 mph.
  • Price: 5799.
  • Price: Entry.

How much is a Yamaha XMAX 250?

The Yamaha Xmax 2021 price in the Philippines starts from ₱249,000 . it is available in 2 colors, 1 variants in the Philippines.

What CC is a Yamaha XMAX?

The XMAX is powered by an advanced 292cc liquid-cooled, four-valve single that develops smooth, tractable power. The cylinder is crafted from Yamaha’s DiASil aluminum for excellent heat dissipation, with a lightweight forged piston and forged crankshaft.

How much is a 300cc XMAX?

The Yamaha XMAX 300 price in the Philippines starts at P249,000.00. View the price list and special promo offers available.

What does XMAX mean?


Acronym Definition
XMAX Excursion Maximum (speakers)

Is the Yamaha Xmax a good scooter?

With an all-new 292cc engine, the 2020 Yamaha XMAX is the largest of the Yamaha scooters available in the US. The increased power and plentiful features make this an appropriate choice for those who expect a little more out of a daily scooter ride.

How much is a Tmax 560?

The 2020 TMAX 560 is available from Yamaha dealers at a ready to ride price of $16,749, with a choice of Icon Grey or Sword Grey colours.

Is XMAX a good scooter?

Ride quality & brakes Despite appearing physically large, the XMAX soon reveals itself as a surprisingly light and agile commuter. Carrying its 179kg weight very low helps it flick effortlessly from side-to-side and it’s narrow enough to zip through gaps.

Is the Yamaha xMax 250 an automatic bike?

Enter the new Yamaha XMAX 250, a light and agile automatic bike that feels comfortable both in the city and on the open roads. Fire up the newly designed Blue Core 250cc, liquid-cooled, 4-stroke, SOHC, 4-valve fuel injected engine with CVT that produces excellent power and torque. With many special luxury features, you are in for a real treat.

Is the YP 250R x-max a good scooter?

Yamaha’s YP 250R X-Max is a middleweight twist-and-go ‘maxi-scooter’. It has all the practicalities of a conventional scooter with a bit more oomph for longer journeys and decent-sized wheels and tyres for cornering confidence.

What is the seat height of xMax 250?

The XMax 250 has a seat height of 795 mm. The Front Tyre size is 120/70 R15 & Rear Tyre size is 140/70 R14. The feature list of XMax 250 includes ABS, Pass Switch, Engine Check Warning, Street Riding Modes, Traction Control and Side Reflectors in terms of safety.

How much is the Yamaha xMax in Malaysia?

Launched in Malaysia in 2018, the Xmax is a premium scooter from Yamaha that offers a perfect amalgamation of comfort, convenience, and performance. Priced at RM 21,255, this scooter gets a very stylish maxi-scooter design which is complemented by a huge windshield and LED headlights with DRLs.