What is the purpose of Gravissimum educationis?

What is the purpose of Gravissimum educationis?

Gravissimum Educationis Foundation The Foundation is a not-for-profit, and pursues scientific and cultural aims to promote Catholic education in the world.

Who promulgated Gravissimum Educationis?

Gravissimum Educationis is the Second Vatican Council’s Declaration on Christian Education. It was promulgated on October 28, 1965 by Pope Paul VI, following approval by the assembled bishops by a vote of 2,290 to 35.

What are the three dimensions of religious education?

Religious communities ritualize scriptures along three different dimensions: a semantic dimension, a performative dimension, and an iconic dimension.

What is the role of a Catholic School in the third millennium?

The Catholic School on the Threshold of the Third Millennium is productive reading. “The Catholic school sets out to be a school for the human person and of human persons…. This awareness expresses the centrality of the human person in the educational project of the Catholic school” (Art. 9).

How does a Catholic education impact your character?

The benefit of a Catholic school is the holistic approach to teaching resulting in a well-rounded education for your child. Catholic schools impart a lifelong spiritual commitment evidenced in graduates by their civic responsibility, discipline and humility.

What are the benefits of Catholic school?

Here are six benefits to studying at a Catholic High school:

  • More likely to graduate from college. Students who graduate from Catholic high schools are more likely to graduate from college.
  • Higher average SAT scores.
  • Higher reading and math scores.
  • Lower cost than other private schools.
  • Service-oriented.
  • Single-sex options.

What is dimension in religious education?

The first dimension, most commonly referred to as the classroom teaching and learning of religion, is focused on Religious Education as an educational activity. The second dimension, faith formation, is reflected in the religious life of the school, family and parish.

What are the five dimensions of education?

Osho gives the five dimensions of education. They are language, scientific subjects, sense of human, art and creativity and the art of dying. The first dimension is related to history, geography and language.