What is the main idea of Cue for Treason?

What is the main idea of Cue for Treason?

The themes in Cue For Treason are: “It is important to help others despite risk to yourself”, “Bravery, noble ideas and heroism inspire us and raises our spirits, and “Good will always triumph in the end”.

Is Cue for Treason a true story?

Cue for Treason (1940) is a children’s historical novel written by Geoffrey Trease, and is his best-known work….Cue for Treason.

First US edition (publ. Vanguard Press, 1941)
Author Geoffrey Trease
Language English
Genre Historical fiction/Adventure
Publisher Blackwell (UK) Copp Clark (Canada)

When was Cue for Treason published?

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Who wrote Cue for Treason?

Geoffrey Trease
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How is Peter independent in Cue for Treason?

Peter is independent, rational and courageous. He knows how to take care of himself, instead of relying on his parents. Moreover Peter handles matters rationality as he will not base his decisions on his own…show more content…

Who is the antagonist in Cue for Treason?

The worst villain in Cue for Treason is Sir Phillip Morton, because he is the antagonist in the story, and he turns Peter’s and Kit’s lives into a mess.

Who is the yellow gentleman?

Winston Foster OD (born 1956), better known by the stage name Yellowman, is a Jamaican reggae and dancehall deejay, also known as King Yellowman. He was popular in Jamaica in the 1980s, coming to prominence with a series of singles that established his reputation.

Who is Sir Philip Morton?

As you may know, Sir Philip Morton is an evil man. He is… Another thing that he did was accuse a thirteen year old boy “Peter Brownrigg” of attempted murder when he didn’t even try to kill him. All he did was throw a piece of rock at him and he missed.

Who is Tom Boyd Cue for Treason?

Tom Boyd is the ultimate hero in Cue For Treason. Tom is a member of the Queen’s secret service and is sent to spy on Sir Phillip’s peel tower with Kit and Peter.

How is Peter brave in cue for treason?

He is a common, but brave, boy who takes great risks and is loyal to his friends and his country. All through the story he is put in dangerous situations but is always determined to solve the problems that are placed on him. Throughout the story, Peter’s determination constantly proves Peter as being heroic.

Who is Tom Boyd cue for treason?

How is Peter independent in cue for treason?