What is Pure-FTPd?

What is Pure-FTPd?

Pure-FTPd supports external authentication modules, and writing a new backend can be as simple as a few lines of shell script. Pure-FTPd supports a virtual quota system : accounts can have individual quota (max number of files, max total size) even when they share the same system uid.

Can Pure-FTPd run 100% non-root?

It can even run 100% non-root, with its built-in chroot () emulation and virtual accounts. Transmission of cleartext passwords and commands can be avoided : Pure-FTPd has optional support for an SSL/TLS encryption layer using the OpenSSL library.

Is purepure-FTPd compatible with OpenLDAP and iPlanet?

Pure-FTPd was successfully tested with OpenLDAP and iPlanet Directory Server. It uses standard posixAccounts classes. Built-in secure cryptographic hashes can be used with any LDAP server, even those that are lacking support for these hashes. User info can also be centralized in MySQL databases,…

Can multiple Pure-FTPd servers run on the same host?

Multiple Pure-FTPd servers with different settings can run on the same host without any conflict. Pure-FTPd can act as private FTP server and disallow all anonymous connections regardless of the “ftp” system account. With another switch, the server can be anonymous-only, and refuse connections to all shell accounts.

Why does Pure-FTPd use a different charset for file names?

The server filesystem can use a different charset than the charset assumed by clients, and pure-ftpd translates file names through the iconv library. Some modern clients like lftp will also try to use UTF-8 if the server supports it.

How do I install a Pure-FTPd server?

Beginners can install a Pure-FTPd server in 5 minutes. It can be as simple as installing the package, typing pure-ftpd & and… that’s all. You already have a running server, and clients can start to connect.

What is the difference between–with-minimal and LDAP and Pure-FTPd?

See the README.LDAP file for more info about LDAP and Pure-FTPd. –with-minimal: to efficiently use features of modern FTP clients, Pure-FTPd implements the basics of the FTP protocol, with many extensions (SITE IDLE, SITE CHMOD, MLSD.) . Using the –with-minimal directive, these extensions won’t be compiled in.