What is IDL 3?

What is IDL 3?

Thank you. Microsoft Interface Definition Language (MIDL) 3.0 is a simplified, modern syntax for defining Windows Runtime types inside Interface Definition Language (IDL) files ( .idl files). This new syntax will feel familiar to anyone experienced with C, C++, C#, and/or Java.

What is the IDL astronomy users library?

The IDL Astronomy Users Library is a central repository for low-level astronomy software written in the commercial language IDL. The Library is not meant to be an integrated package, but rather is a collection of procedures from which users can pick and choose (and possibly modify) for their own use.

What version of IDL do I need to use fits data?

Documentation is available describing the various options for working with FITS data in IDL. The IDL Astronomy Library requires at least IDL V6.4. However, separate (frozen) versions of the Library that work with earlier versions of IDL are available at the /old download site.

How to search the entire ODNR site in seconds?

You can finally search the entire ODNR site in seconds using the handy search bar. This is the first time our site has been indexed as a single resource that can be comprehensively explored.