What is iCUBE?

What is iCUBE?

“iCube is a unique software publisher with outstanding services to deliver broad and deep solutions… “We started with their WMS solution and had extended to acquire their e-Commerce, Service, workflow… “We have over twenty restaurants in both the United States and Canada with hundreds of…

Why choose iCUBE as your Magento Solution Partner?

ICUBE is a premier Magento Solution Partner. We specialize in Omnichannel, B2B and Marketplace solution. Since 2003, we have maintained and launched over 100+ Magento e-commerce websites.

What kind of image sensor does the iCUBE camera have?

The iCube camera series features a USB 2.0 interface for easy integration into industrial and medical applications. Users can choose from a wide range of available models with color and monochrome CMOS image sensors.

How can iCUBE help bring impact to the Malaysia GDP?

Amaze by the vision of the student organisation, iCUBE International to help bring impact to the Malaysia GDP with their current new expansion to UK, US, Malaysia and Australia. I would like to convey my gratitude to iCUBE as I found the session to be a great learning opportunity despite myself being a pre-university student.