What is an accent device?

What is an accent device?

The Accent® 1000 is configured as a dedicated device to meet the functional specifications of the Medicare/Medicaid funding requirements. Our most flexible device, the Accent 1000 is portable and easy to carry yet powerful, engineered for daily use at home, at school or at play.

What is accent AAC?

Our AAC Communication Solutions offer advanced functionality and user-friendly features, making communication fast and easy. Featuring the Accent® 1400, Accent 1000 and Accent 800, PRC devices are ideal for users of all ages.

What is PRC device?

PRC-Saltillo is a worldwide developer of speech-generating devices (SGDs), market-leading apps and several innovative AAC language systems that enable individuals with complex communication disorders the ability to express themselves.

What is the accent 800?

The Accent 800 is our smallest, most portable AAC solution featuring the full Unity, easyChat, Essence, WordPower or Grid 3 vocabularies.

How does a speech generating device work?

Speech-generating devices are hand-held electronic devices that play pre-recorded words or phrases when the user touches a switch or presses buttons or keys. Some devices ‘speak’ words as the words are typed on a keyboard.

What is Accent 800?

Accent™ 800 is an integrated speech device and offers advanced functionality and user-friendly features. It is the smallest and most portable PRC device that offers a variety of vocabulary options.

What is realize language?

Realize Language is a new online service that gives parents and professionals powerful ways to monitor, measure, and maximize a child’s use of an Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC) speech device. Many AAC devices automatically collect data when the device is used.

How much does an accent 800 weigh?

2.5 lbs.
Accent 800

Weight 2.5 lbs. (with battery)
Dimensions 9″w × 5.8″h × 1.4″d
Display Size LCD IPS 8″ HD (diagonal measurement)
Screen Resolution 1920 x 1200

What is team accent’s Support Desk?

To give our clients the best possible service, our Support Desk is reserved for Team Accent clients. If you’re not a client and you need support, contact us to discuss your support options.

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