What is a wild rose?

What is a wild rose?

Wild roses tend to stir one’s thoughts towards Medieval times of knights, kings, queens, princes, and princesses, as many of them date back well into our history. The botanical term for them is “Species Roses.”

What month do wild roses bloom?

These roses will bloom in spring and early summer and then are done blooming as they begin setting those wonderful multi-use rose hips. To obtain a rosebush that is very close to its wild rose beginnings, look for an aptly named variety like “Nearly Wild.”

Do wild roses die in the winter?

These wonderful roses will produce beautiful rose hips that carry over into winter and provide food for the birds if left on the bushes. Since they are own root bushes, they can die way down in the winter and what comes up from the root will still be the same wonderful rose. It isn’t difficult to grow wild rose plants.

Should I crowd my Wild Roses?

All types of wild roses need room to expand and grow into their natural states. Crowding them, like with other rosebushes, tends to cut down on air flow through and around the bushes which opens them up to disease problems.