What is a tableau course?

What is a tableau course?

Courses are interactive and designed to help you learn Tableau regardless of skill level. Our curated learning paths are tied to your role and make it easy for you to learn what you need to achieve your goals. Not sure where to start? Get personal learning recommendations from our learning and community quiz below.

Are these tableau analytics videos for You?

If you can access published data sources and create or modify content, these videos are for you. Learn how to work with your data on the web. Are you consuming analytics on Tableau Server or Tableau Online? If you’re looking to make data-driven decisions based on your organization’s analytics, these videos are for you.

Is it time to become a tableau power user?

It’s time to expand your knowledge and distinguish yourself as a Tableau power user. We’ve got plenty of learning resources that will help you take it to the next level. Elevate your data know-how and stand out by certifying in one of the most in-demand skill areas, according to Forbes and LinkedIn.

What are the benefits of tableau eLearning?

Learning paths eliminate guesswork and provide a clear track to proficiency. New lessons are regularly added making eLearning your trusted resource to get the most up-to-date Tableau training content. Assessments help you evaluate where you are in your learning path and give you confidence in your skills.

What are the skills badges for tableau?

Skills Badges reward you for your learning achievements and provide a way to showcase your Tableau skills. eLearning lets you learn at a pace that is comfortable for you – any time, anywhere. With an extensive library of training, find the skills you need so you can quickly get back to your analysis. Don’t let your Tableau training stop there.

How do you become a tableau pro?

You’re on your way to becoming a Tableau Pro. Mastering analytics for personal and professional growth is more than a savvy career move. When you can add value, quickly identify opportunities, and pivot in time to make a difference, you become a respected voice at the table. And that can make your work even more fulfilling.