What happened to Megareus in Antigone?

What happened to Megareus in Antigone?

Despite Creon’s attempts, Megareus nevertheless joined the battle, as it was unbearable for him to be considered a coward; he was killed in the first battle.

Who is Megarius in Antigone?

Megareus was the son of Eurydice of Thebes and Creon, uncle of the two princes, and thus brother of Lycomedes, Haemon, Megara, Pyrrha and probably Henioche.

Who is Menoeceus in Antigone?

Menoeceus, father of Creon, Jocasta and Hipponome and both grandfather and father-in-law of Oedipus. He was the Theban son of Pentheus and a descendant of the Spartoi through his grandfather Echion. Menoeceus, son of Creon and possibly Eurydice, named after his grandfather.

What is the point of letter to Menoeceus?

It addresses theology, the hierarchies of desires, how to carry choices and avoidances in order to achieve net pleasure, and other aspects of Epicurean ethics. It is the most important of the three surviving letters of Epicurus.

What is Ismene’s argument?

Ismene’s argument at the beginning of the play is that their family has suffered enough.

What is Ismene’s motivation?

What is Ismene’s motivation when she refuses to help her sister Antigone bury their brother? The fear of Creon, and the power of the state.

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What is Creon’s attitude toward his son Haemon?

Creon is pitted against Antigone who holds up the will of the gods and the honor of her family above all else, and thus he appears to be against these values. His behavior, however, suggests otherwise. He aggressively preaches the concept of family honor to his son, Haemon.

What does Creon mean in Greek mythology?

Creon ( Attic Greek: Κρέων – Kreōn, meaning “ruler”) is a figure in Greek mythology best known as the ruler of Thebes in the legend of Oedipus. He had three children: Megareus, Menoeceus, and Haemon with his wife, Eurydice.

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