What episode is Naruto vs Neji?

What episode is Naruto vs Neji?

4 Episode 62: A Failure’s True Power. This episode focuses on another great fight in the Chunin Exams, specifically the one between Neji and Naruto.

Who is stronger kimimaro or Naruto?

Kimimaro wins, almost no difficulty. (Kimimaro as a kied taking out multiple Mist shinobi, being the only survivor of his clan.) While both were mere children when they first met, they still didn’t really speak much with each other.

Who won chunin exam in Naruto?


Match Combatants Outcome
4 Sakura Haruno vs. Ino Yamanaka double knockout
5 Tenten vs. Temari Temari wins
6 Shikamaru Nara vs. Kin Tsuchi Shikamaru wins
7 Naruto Uzumaki vs. Kiba Inuzuka Naruto wins

Why is Kankuro so weak?

11 Weaker: Kankuro The puppet techniques used by Kankuro rely on the user to hide so that they can control their puppet from a distance and use its range of built-in tricks to damage the enemy.

Did Naruto knock out Neji?

Following an explosive clash between the two, Naruto manages to defeat Neji through the use of a shadow clone as a decoy. After telling Neji to stop putting so much faith in fate, Naruto is declared the winner. “Hit it or Quit it: The Final Rounds Get Complicated!”

Can Neji beat Naruto?

It was an intense battle with Naruto having to draw on the nine tails chakra to even compete with Neji, but Naruto ended up winning the battle and proving Neji wrong. The best part was that Naruto didn’t win because of the chakra loan, but by outmaneuvering Neji on his own.

Is Rock Lee stronger than Kimimaro?

With no doubt, Rock lee would defeat kimimaro for sure. This is not because of his lightning fast movements or the power of Eight gates of life He can defeat him with his will to never give up. There is no other character who influenced more than Rock lee.

Why is Kiba so weak?

Look, Kiba Inuzuka is a dedicated shinobi with all the courage in the world. However, even Naruto points out that he was able to do that technique years ago, so clearly Kiba gets weaker with age due to the fact his growth is so much slower than some of his classmates.

Did Naruto cheat on chunin exams?

Naruto had to cheat in the Chunin Exams because the test questions were intentionally difficult. The test proctor secretly wanted students to realize the questions were above their grade-level and begin cheating.

Who is the strongest out of the Sound Four?

Naruto: The 10 Strongest Shinobi From The Sound Village, Ranked

  1. 1 Sasuke’s Battle With Naruto Shook The World To Its Foundations.
  2. 2 Kabuto Mastered Orochimaru’s Power & More.
  3. 3 Orochimaru Has Years Of Experience & Dozens Of Forbidden Jutsu.
  4. 4 Kimimaro Possessed High Durability & An Amazing Kekkei Genkai.

What is Sai’s real name?

Sai Yamanaka (山中サイ, Yamanaka Sai) is the Anbu Chief of Konohagakure’s Yamanaka clan.

Who is Misumi Tsurugi in Naruto?

Misumi Tsurugi ( 剣ミスミ, Tsurugi Misumi) was a shinobi of Konohagakure and a teammate of Kabuto Yakushi and Yoroi Akadō, who later defected and joined Orochimaru and Otogakure . Misumi was previously a shinobi of Konohagakure. For unknown reasons, he defected to Otogakure with his teammate, Yoroi Akadō.

What does Misumi’s full appearance look like?

Misumi’s full appearance. Misumi’s appearance was greatly concealed by the mask he wore around his mouth that hung to around his neck and forehead protector which he wore like a bandanna.

What was mis Misumi’s personality like?

Misumi appeared to be overconfident in his abilities and rather sadistic in nature. As shown first in his fight with Kankurō and later in his skirmish against Naruto and Ino he initially appeared confident but let his ego get the better of him. He was also not above using trickery and underhanded methods to achieve his goals.

What happened to yoroi Akadō and Misumi?

Kankurō then made his puppet wrap its arms around Misumi’s body and constrict him, breaking every bone in his body before Misumi was able to forfeit, thus winning the match. Though Misumi and Yoroi Akadō were not seen again in the manga, they appeared in the anime.