What does turntide do?

What does turntide do?

Turntide provides electrification and powertrain components that enable you to electrify your fleet faster with less risk, and higher performance and safety.

Who owns Turntide technologies?

Ryan Morris
Leadership. Ryan Morris, a successful entrepreneur and investor with more than 13 years of experience building companies, is passionate about using technology to end the use of fossil fuels in an economically rational way.

What industry is Turntide technologies?

Software Motor Company operates as an electric motor system maker. The Company combines a patented high rotor pole switched reluctance motor with matching motor controller, optional IoT supervisor, and user-friendly software.

How do Turntide motors work?

Turntide’s Smart Motor System’s digital motor is software-driven, intelligent, and sustainable. For example, if a building is getting too hot or too cold, the Smart Motor System can slow the speed of the motor, lowering the output of conditioned air and eliminating excess energy waste and cost.

What is a smart motor?

A smart motor is essentially a motor that integrates a number of other components together into one physical unit. Common configurations include a motor and drive, but can also consist of integrated encoders and controllers as well as cabling and communication ports.

What is Turntide motor?

Turntide Technologies says its Smart Motor System, which is based on switched reluctance (SR) technology and smart power electronics, will not only save money and minimise maintenance, but will also help tackle climate change. Unlike brushed DC motors, power is delivered to the stator windings rather than the rotor.

What is the difference between reluctance motor and induction motor?

The motors start as induction motors. When they approach synchronous speed, the slots enable the synchronous magnetic field to lock onto the rotor. The motor then turns at synchronous speed so long as the required torque is low. In the reluctance motor, the rotor has projecting poles that resemble individual teeth.

How does switched reluctance motor work?

Rather than using a mechanical commutator to switch the winding current as in traditional motors, the switched-reluctance motor uses an electronic position sensor to determine the angle of the rotor shaft and solid state electronics to switch the stator windings, which enables dynamic control of pulse timing and …

Does my quip have Bluetooth?

It has a Bluetooth® Smart Motor, premium All-Color design, and the same timed sonic vibrations as our original ADA-Accepted brush. Connect one or more Bluetooth® Smart Brushes to the quip app (iOS & Android), then automatically track your brushing routine offline: duration, coverage, strokes and intensity.

Is squirrel cage motor synchronous?

Synchronous motor: Stator has axial slots which consist stator winding wound for a specific number of poles. It is wound for a specific number of poles. A squirrel cage rotor or a wound rotor can be used. In squirrel cage rotor, the rotor bars are permanently short-circuited with end rings.

What 3 things are needed for an induction motor to work?

A 3-phase induction motor includes two essential components namely the stator & the rotor. In this motor, the stationary part is the stator whereas the rotating part is the rotor. In this motor, the load is connected to the shaft. Three-phase armature winding can be wound over the stator.

Is switched reluctance motor self starting?

The motor operation continues until the input power supply. Here you can observe that the motor is rotating by self. Thus Switched reluctance motors are self-starting motor.

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