What does air plus mean?

What does air plus mean?

Viking Air Plus Benefits Nonstop flights or the most direct air service available. Reservations with airlines that accept frequent flyer mileage. Travel on specific airlines or air routing.

What airline does Viking River cruises use?

At Viking, we never compromise with our choice of airlines and use only quality, scheduled airlines, including British Airways, KLM, Scandinavian Airlines and Lufthansa.

Is Viking cruises going out of business?

Viking Cruises has announced that its river and ocean operations will remain on hold through May 31, 2021, which means cruises won’t resume until June at the very earliest. It’s now been almost one year since Viking first suspended operations in March 2020, the first cruise line in the world to do so.

How do I get my money back from Viking?

Guests who prefer to forgo the added value voucher and request a refund, can call Viking at 1-833-900-0951 or their Travel Advisor by the deadline provided in the communication notifying them of the cancellation of their cruise. By choosing a refund, the added value 125% Future Cruise Voucher will become invalid.

Are Viking cruise prices per person?

Itineraries start at about $2,000 per person and can climb all the way up to $60,000 per person for a 244-night world cruise. However, most sailings tend to fall within the $3,000 to $6,000 range. Viking Ocean’s starting prices are similar to what you’d pay for a balcony cabin on Celebrity Cruises or Princess Cruises.

Are Viking River Cruises air conditioned?

While accommodations onboard river cruise ships are limited by the size of the river and the need to navigate through locks, Viking’s staterooms do offer modern creature comforts. All ships are air-conditioned.

Is Viking owned by Carnival?

Speaking of independents, that only leaves those lines that may be owned by a larger corporation but are not affiliated with any other cruise brands. These include Disney Cruise Line, MSC Cruises, Silversea Cruises, Star Clippers, Viking Cruises and Windstar Cruises, which was formerly owned by Carnival Corp.

Does Carnival own Viking?

What can a Viking voucher be used for?

Clients will be issued a Future Cruise Voucher in the amount of 100% of all funds paid to Viking and can be used for future travel within 24 months of issuance on river, ocean or expedition cruise. If you have flights arranged by Viking, it must be received at least 24 hours prior to flight departure time.

Are Viking vouchers transferable?

Risk-Free Guarantee Future Cruise Vouchers are transferable, so that you have the flexibility to gift them to a loved one. Guests will have 24 months to select their new date and use their Risk-Free Guarantee Future Cruise Voucher to make a new reservation on any river, ocean or expedition cruise.

How do I shop for choiceair flights?

With an existing cruise booking, guests can instantly start shopping for their ChoiceAir flights at www.RoyalCaribbeanChoiceAir.com. More information about Royal Caribbean ChoiceAir can be found at www.RoyalCaribbean.com/ ChoiceAir.

Is the air plus worth the cost?

We have used the Air Plus 3 times now. Never had to pay more than the $50/pp. and it was well worth the cost IMHO. You can look at the available flights on something like orbitz or kayak and pick out what would work best for you (and I always have a couple of back up options selected, although they have always been able to give me my first choice).

What happens if my choiceair flight is delayed or cancelled?

If the ChoiceAir flight is delayed or cancelled, Royal Caribbean will work to re-accommodate guests to help them make it to their ship in time for departure or to the next port.

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