What accent do people from Pittsburgh have?

What accent do people from Pittsburgh have?

Western Pennsylvania English, known more narrowly as Pittsburgh English or popularly as Pittsburghese, is a dialect of American English native primarily to the western half of Pennsylvania, centered on the city of Pittsburgh, but potentially appearing in some speakers as far north as Erie County, as far west as …

Which US accent is closest to Canadian?

Apparently, the Canadian accent is most similar to the accents of western and northern USA, and the English of British Columbia is basically the same as in Washington, Oregon and California.

How can you tell a Canadian accent?

Canadian accents are most definitely different from American, but the differences are in very subtle vowel changes. Canadians, like New Englanders, tend to use a slightly different “a” sound, in words like can’t, past, dad, etc.

What does a Canadian accent sound like to others?

Canadians do something called ‘Canadian Raising’, meaning that they pronounce some two-part vowels (known as dipthongs) with a higher part of their mouths than people from other English-speaking regions – this is what causes the ‘ou’ sounds in words like ‘out’ and ‘about’ to be pronounced something like ‘oot’ and ‘ …

Does Pittsburgh have a Southern accent?

There’s an expression in Pennsylvania, “Pittsburgh on one side, Philadelphia on the other, pennsyltucky in the middle.” People in the middle of the state really do have an almost southern accent, definitely different than West Virginia or what I think of as an “Appalachian accent”.

How did the Pittsburgh accent develop?

History. Where does Pittsburgh speech come from? The earliest English-speaking immigrants to North America brought their dialects of English with them. The people who settled in New England and in the South came mainly from southern England, and they brought elements of southern dialects of English.

Why do michiganders sound Canadian?

“Michiganders have an accent because everyone has an accent,” Sarah Thomason, a University of Michigan linguistics professor, says (via e-mail). That accent might be getting more pronounced, thanks to a shift in vowel pronunciation that linguists call the Northern Cities Shift (NCS).

How do you say hello in Canadian accent?

Common Canadian slang words: Eh? – This is the classic Canadian term used in everyday conversation. The word can be used to end a question, say “hello” to someone at a distance, to show surprise as in you are joking, or to get a person to respond.

Do Canadians have a definite accent?

Some people say Canadian accents just sound like Californian accents, so that could be correct depending on the people you are comparing. Also, Canada is very diverse and it’s hard to find a definite accent – most people actually say “abowt”, not “aboot”.

What are the features of Pittsburgh Speech?

Feature of Pittsburgh speech, in descrip Item in Sam McCool’s New Pittsburghese: Pronunciation The vowel in words like “cot” and “caugh “Dawn” for “Don” The vowel sounds in words like like “pou “dahntahn” for “downtown” The vowel in words like “stuff” can be p (Not Mentioned)

What is a diphthong sound in Canada?

Practice Canadian diphthong sounds. Diphthongs are two vowels that combine to make a single sound in one syllable. Canadians typically emphasize a single syllabic vowel sound, rather than moving from one vowel sound into another.

Where can I find examples of pittsburghese?

If you live in the Pittsburgh area, you are are surrounded by examples of Pittsburghese, on websites, t-shirts, coffee mugs, souvenir shot glasses, and the like, and in newspaper cartoons and humorous stories about Pittsburghers. There are even dolls that say things in Pittsburghese when you squeeze their stomachs.