Pubg mobile vs Free fire

Pubg mobile vs Free fire

The online world has exploded into battle royale madness, with the launch of a couple of huge games. One is Free fire and the other is PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds or PUBG.

The important thing about these huge titles is that they are now both mobile games – hence PUBG Mobile – as well as being available across other platforms.

There is no denying the fact that PUBG Mobile is one of the most popular games ever made.

In just one year, it has garnered a cult following.

Garena Free Fire, on the other hand, is a Battle Royale that introduced a lot of Indian gamers to the genre, and subsequently to PUBG.

One key factor that keeps this game standing on the top for so long is that this game offers both the PC version and the mobile version separately. Each version of this battle royale title is so famous and successful that there are numerous esports tournaments for each version of the game.

We compare the two to help you choose the better game.

Comparing the gameplay: Garena Free Fire vs PUBG Mobile.


Comparison between Pugb mobile and Free Fire

Yes I have played both of these games and was always looking for this type of mobile gaming experience I will share my take on these trending games, also give some reviews and also I will provide what improvements are needed for these games, you can also share your feedback at the end of this article.

So let’s begin no doubt both games are famous and growing fast Pubg has a larger audience compared to free fire that means more players then the other game also it requires more patience more game time to be a winner.

Pubg has more vehicles compared to free fire but one thing to agree on free fire is having a better and smoother gameplay, Pubg has 25 weapons and free fire has 18.

Like every other battle royale game these two differ in their way and that makes them are more comparisons and they are based on my experience.

  1. The Graphics: – The Pubg graphics are just awesome claiming to be best among all the battle royale gaming platforms. but if you need better ultra graphics then you have to download a third-party gfx tools. But this is not the case in the free fire game the graphics are more like a cartoon.
  2. Plane and the Map:- Pubg has a decent and clear view of the map also the plane is good and the skin of the plane can be changed before landing, gliding is realistic and proper slow landing whereas free fire will offer a complex and a small map and an artificial landing that is gliding on a hoverboard and landing is fast.
  3. Players: – There are more players in pubg as compared to the free fire but bots are less in free fire so I faced many bots when I played pubg game they are useless as to say but more advanced in the free fire game.
  4. Vehicles:– Pubg has many options for vehicles ranging from scooters to auto-rickshaws so exploring the map in a four-wheeler and shooting is fun but in free fire game barely four-wheelers are present, vehicles are advanced then Pubg but not a realistic approach.
  5. Guns and Gameplay options:- Pubg guns are better here because Tencent(game creators) have included a real gun experience and even if the enemy is far away you have options of scopes(8x,6x,4x and so on ) by using them you can easily take down your enemies. Also, close-range fire is awesome depending upon the gun you choose. The gameplay is superb from the lobby to different arcade modes zombie modes and more, you can gain more experience in the training room before you enter an actual match.

In free fire, the gameplay is awesome from the lobby to the ingame experience but guns are not that good as it comes to aiming and fire ranges. Guns are more like a cartoonist version and cant aim from long ranges.