Many online sellers struggle to maintain their platform popularities as their business grows bigger. Products are listed at high prices when this happens which makes products not easy to buy for consumers. Microzu  was created to give buyers and sellers a better experience with e-commerce by utilizing a flat fee system that doesn’t change based on item type. This way, sellers can actually predict their revenue and keep prices stable and affordable for consumers. Microzu combines offline, online and mobile commerce into one technology-focused company and is the future of commerce.


The platform focuses on the sale and resale of smart home electronics and also covers other categories. Microzu is growing at a rapid pace with a selection of excellent products and innovative solutions. It is poised to be positioned as one of the leaders in providing full products and services in the area of e-commerce services/products, wholesales discount warehouse, smart living, robotics, AI and home cloud computing. The company will invest in technology innovation by offering innovative ideas and solution to meet the continued market demand.

Microzu strives to be the one stop shop for individuals and business looking to

  • Shop online for consumers goods
  • Looking for profitable wholesalers deals
  • Searching for smart living gears/solutions
  • Secure enterprise cloud solution

Benefits of Microzu include

  • Convenience
  • Top quality products
  • Wide selection
  • Over 99% in stock rate
  • Fast delivery
  • Trustworthy consumer services guarantee
  • Top rated employees

Whether you are young or old, home owner or hopping to new cities, a small business owner or a consumer, Microzu is for you. Microzu provides an easily accessible platform that provides a convenient solution to make your life better whether you are selling or buying.