Is there a game where you are a zombie?

Is there a game where you are a zombie?

Left 4 Dead 2 Left 4 Dead is a classic zombie game and a title no zombie-related list would be complete without – even if it focuses on killing zombies, not playing as one of them. Two teams of player-controlled characters, namely survivors and zombies, will fight each other in order to secure a victory.

How rare is the original Xbox?

The original Xbox sold 24 million units worldwide, outselling the likes of Nintendo’s GameCube and the Sega Dreamcast. However, it couldn’t outdo Sony’s PlayStation 2 which sold over 155 million units in its lifespan and ranked as the best-selling sixth-generation console.

Are zombies real in real life?

Real-life zombies you’ll find in nature. Zombies are pure fiction, existing solely for the entertainment of people who still watch The Walking Dead. There is no such thing as a sickness that makes people rise from the dead or walk around with decomposing body parts or mindlessly do the bidding of a zombie-controlling overlord.

Are there zombie-like people in history?

Believe it or not, historical records record multiple examples of zombie-like people who sound very much like Hollywood-style zombies. We also know of numerous bacteria and funguses that can infect the human brain and change the way a person thinks and acts.

Is it possible to become a zombie?

Real zombies are out there — maybe in your own backyard! It may be fun to dress up like a zombie for Halloween, but real zombies do exist. They’re just not human. They’re animals under the mind control of parasites.

Are the zombie parasites real?

Zombies are real! All of these “zombies” have one thing in common: parasites. A parasite lives inside or on another creature, known as its host. A parasite may be a fungus, a worm or another tiny creature. All parasites eventually weaken or sicken their hosts. Sometimes, the parasite kills or even eats its host.