Is Bibliology a real word?

Is Bibliology a real word?

noun, plural bib·li·ol·o·gies.

What is the meaning of Bibliognost?

Definition of bibliognost : one that has comprehensive knowledge of books and bibliography.

What is the meaning of Lepper?

Definition of lepper : a horse skilled in jumping : jumper.

What is Bibliology in Bible?

Definition of bibliology 1 : the history and science of books as physical objects : bibliography. 2 often capitalized : the study of the theological doctrine of the Bible.

What is ecclesiology in the Bible?

In Christian theology, ecclesiology is the study of the Church, the origins of Christianity, its relationship to Jesus, its role in salvation, its polity, its discipline, its eschatology, and its leadership.

Is the term leper offensive?

Because leprosy was thought to be highly contagious, the word leper also came to be used more generally to mean “an outcast” or “a person to be avoided.” Although it was originally used a medical term — the Greek root is lepros, “scaly” — today the word leper is generally considered to be offensive.

What does leprosy mean in the Bible?

Leprosy in the Biblical aspect. Leprosy, then, was both a punishment for a sin (Lb. 12,10; 2 Krn. 26,19-21) and divine curse because it was a chronic and incurable disease until our times. [4], [8] In the Bible one can find numerous examples of the punishments for sins.

What does bibliology mean?

bibliology: …The study of the history of books and the art of printing Related words & phrases bibliologist Translations bibliology – the study of the history of books and the art of…. bibliologo: bibliologo (Italian) Origin & history biblio- + -logo Noun bibliologo (masc.) (pl. bibliologi) or bibliologo (masc.) (pl. bibliologhi

How to pronounce bibliology?

Here are all the possible meanings and translations of the word bibliology. Etymology: From βιβλίον + ; see -logy. bib-li-ol′ō-ji, n. an account of books: biblical literature, or theology. [Gr. biblion, a book, logos, discourse.]

What is the doctrine of the Bible?

The daily practice of this faith is the daily living out of its doctrine. Apostolic Christianity was doctrinal in both shape and substance. It was about the doctrines of God, creation, human nature, Christ, redemption, the church, and the consummation of Christ’s kingdom. Apart from these doctrines, there is no Christian faith.

What is the study of the Bible?

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