How much is Joe Montana autograph worth?

How much is Joe Montana autograph worth?

PSA Price Guide

3×5/AP Gum Card SSJ
$30 $40 $350

How much did Joe Montana make with the Chiefs?

Kansas City Chiefs (1993–1994) Montana was traded to the Kansas City Chiefs on April 20, 1993, and signed a $10 million contract over three years.

What disease does Joe Montana have?

The physical stuff has certainly caught up to the former Notre Dame star. Peter noted Montana suffers from arthritis in his elbows, knees and hands, among other things. Montana said, “My hands have been, oh my gosh, in the middle of the night they hurt like crazy.”

Did Joe Montana and Jerry Rice play together?

Consider the following. Jerry Rice played 20 seasons in the NFL (1985-2004) and Joe Montana played 15 (1979-1994, excluding 1991). Their careers overlapped for just 10 years, during only eight of which they played for the same team.

What is the value of a Jerry Rice rookie card?

Jerry Rice Rookie Cards

Item Title ▼ Price
1986 Topps JERRY RICE #161 ROOKIE CARD Very Sharp Card $32.87
1986 Topps Jerry Rice rookie card $26.00
1986 Topps Jerry Rice Rookie Card – Pack Fresh $20.00
Mint Jerry Rice Rookie Card 10 #161 Topps $31.00

How much is a Dan Marino autograph worth?

PSA Price Guide

3×5/AP Gum Card Letter
$40 $40 $150

Who is the richest NFL player in history?

Roger Staubach: $600 Million Now 79, Staubach is believed to be the wealthiest current or former NFL player of all time.

Did Joe Montana have neck surgery?

Montana, who won four Super Bowls with the 49ers, has spent much of his post-playing career in the doctor’s office. Recently, Montana said, he had elbow surgery and now he’s got problems in his neck. To date, he’s had three neck fusions, and his knee is so badly damaged he can’t straighten it.

Who’s the oldest NFL quarterback?

George Blanda is the oldest player to take the field in NFL history. Blanda was a quarterback and placekicker who played in the NFL for 26 seasons. He retired in 1975 at the age of 48.

How many TD did Montana throw to Rice?

Rice caught 67 touchdowns from Joe Montana during their legendary partnership that spanned from 1985-92. Rice followed that by catching a then-record 92 touchdowns from Steve Young, who succeeded an injured Montana as the 49ers’ starting quarterback in 1991.