How much is a Coke at Cedar Point?

How much is a Coke at Cedar Point?

You can purchase a single-fill 20-ounce soft drink for $4.49 or a 30-ounce beverage for $4.89. You always have the option to ask for the free small cups of water. You can bring your own refill bottle and use water fountains or the water dispenser at Freestyle or Coca-Cola dispensing machines throughout the park.

Does Cedar Point serve coke or pepsi?

Choose from Coca-Cola flavora like Sprite, Fanta, Dr. Pepper, Mello Yello, Vitamin Water, Fuze Iced Tea, Seagram’s Ginger Ale, Minute Maid, PowerAde and Dasani. The original flavors and drinks are available in the Freestyle fountain machine, but you can add tasty twist to all the options.

Do My Coke Rewards codes expire?

Plus, the program had an expiration date on the codes that have been entered, or through end of June 2017. Points expired after that date, meaning a customer had to add points to their account or claim a prize by the deadline.

How much are refillable cups at Cedar Point?

How Much Do the All Season Souvenir Cups Cost? For $29.99, guests can enjoy unlimited refills throughout the 2017 season. The price is the same online as it is in the parks.

Does Cedar Point give free water?

7) Free Cups of Water– Staying hydrated is important when walking around an amusement park all day. 6) Hand Stamp– If you plan to leave the park and return on the same day, be sure to get your hand stamped with one of the ride logos. This is the perfect free souvenir to end a child’s (or adults) day.

What Can I Do With My Coke Rewards codes?

Once you have accumulated enough points, you can redeem them for items in the My Coke Rewards catalog, use them to enter sweepstakes or donate them to a cause….How to Enter My Coke Reward Codes

  • Visit
  • Click on the “Sign up” link to register for an account.

What is a refresh ticket at Cedar Point?

Enjoy bottomless Coke fountain beverages all day long with the Ride & Refresh ticket. This ticket gets you admission to Cedar Point and an all-day drink wristband! Click below for more info.

Can you buy all day dining at Cedar Point?

was from cedar point online, I hope this helps. Single Meal Deal: Enjoy an entree, side and a fountain drink. All for one low price. All Day Dining Plan: Guests with All Day Dining will receive a wristband at any of the participating locations and enjoy an entree and side as often as every 90 minutes!