How is trailer axle position calculated?

How is trailer axle position calculated?

Start by measuring the length of the trailer cargo box or platform, but do not include the trailer tongue. Multiply this length by . 4. The resulting number is the distance from the rear of the cargo box to the center of the axle.

What size steel should I use for a trailer?

Any trailer plans that you do follow should tell you exactly the width of trailer frame steel that you need to be using. In most cases, it is going to be 2″ x 4″ x 1/8″ rectangular steel.

Can a second axle be added to a trailer?

You could add a second axle to a trailer that doubles its axle capacity but this does not ensure the other parts of the trailer, such as its frame or coupler, have that same doubled capacity.

Can you strengthen a trailer axle?

The trailer load limit is the capability of its weakest portion. We can strengthen the frame, yes, but we must also upgrade the load bearing components — axles, springs, hitch parts, tires, jacks, safety chains, etc. Don’t forget the hitch parts, and tongue jack.

Where do you put the most weight on a trailer?

As you load your trailer, you need to keep in mind that 60% of the cargo weight should be loaded in the front half of the trailer. Heavier items should be loaded in the front, with lighter, smaller items placed near the rear.

How long should the tongue on a trailer be?

Trailer tongues need to be at least as long as half the tow vehicles width. Most cars and SUVs’ range between 5′ to 6 1/2′ so the minimum length of tongue needs to be half of this plus a little bit more (say 8-12″) to gain a margin of clearance when turning and to add stability to the trailer.

How far back should an axle be on a trailer?

For example, if your trailer is 84 inches long, you will want to start with your axle approximately 50-13/32 inches from the front of your trailer. The equation explained in the photo will help you adjust this distance for the correct location.

What happens if tongue weight is too heavy?

What Happens If Tongue Weight Is Too Heavy? If the tongue is too heavy, the tow vehicle’s steering will be impacted. Because of the excessive weight transferred through the hitch ball, the rear tires of the tow vehicle can become overloaded, pushing the rear end of the vehicle around.

What is a tandem torsion axle design?

Tandem Torsion Axle Design The premise of the design follows the railway (and over the road trailer) ‘axle truck’ paradigm. It’s a hybrid of Center Pivot and Torsion. Basically there is a pivot point in the center of a rocker beam with an axle at each end.

How do you Center an axle on a tandem trailer?

Use the principles outlined for the axle placement on the tandem axle trailer to find the centerline of the axle on the single axle trailer. Instead of centering your middle spring hanger on the axle centerline, go ahead and use the axle centerline (B) for the centerline of the single axle.

Where can I get trailer plans and blueprints?

The Trailer Parts Outlet is proud to offer the nation’s only engineer-approved and stamped trailer plans and blueprints. Each option comes with easy, step-by-step DIY trailer blueprints for all types of trailers, including utility trailers, flatbeds, dump trailers, and more. You’ll be able to build your new trailer in no time at all.

What is the centerline of the axles on a 12’trailer?

Since the trailer box length is 12′, the centerline of the axles will be 12″ (or 1′) towards the rear of the trailer from the centerline of the trailer box (1″ per foot on 12′ box length). So the centerline of the axles will be 7′ from the front edge of the box.