How do I import photos from iPhoto to Windows?

How do I import photos from iPhoto to Windows?

Question: Q: How do I transfer iphoto (library) to a PC?

  1. select the photo(s) in iPhoto.
  2. export (file menu => export) to a desktop folder — or if you want the event structure to be retained set the subfolder to event names in the export.
  3. copy the top folder to the PC.

Is there an iPhoto app for Windows?

The truth is it’s not possible to run iPhoto on Windows directly because it’s MacOS software and it’s not compatible with a PC. Unfortunately, Apple decided do not to make iPhoto for Windows clone(although they made iTunes for Windows).

Can iPhoto run on Windows 10?

The bad thing is that there are no clones of iPhoto for Windows 10, 8, or 7, however, we will suggest a few alternatives below, depending on your needs.

How do I open Mac photo library in Windows?

Find your photos on your PC

  1. Click the Windows Start button, then click Pictures.
  2. Click iCloud Photos or Photo Stream under the Favorites menu in the panel on the left.
  3. Double-click My Photo Stream to view your photos. This also shows up as a folder in the window that appears.

How do I view iPhone photos on my PC?

On your Windows PC, go to and sign in with your Apple ID. Step 3. Choose “Photos” and you will see all your iPhone photos. Aftward, you can view iPhone photos on PC freely or download iCloud photos to PC.

How do I transfer iPhoto library to a new computer?

Here are the steps to Move iPhoto Library to New Computer:

  1. Open “iPhoto” on your Mac.
  2. Click “File” located in the Menu Bar.
  3. Select “Switch to Library…” option.
  4. A new window opens up.
  5. Quit “iPhoto” by clicking on “Quit iPhoto” located in the iPhoto Menu bar.
  6. Connect an external hard dive to move your iPhoto Library.

How do I transfer Photos from Mac to hard drive?

Right click on the Photos library icon and select Get Info. Verify that you have enough free space for the library on the external drive. Drag and drop the Photos library icon onto the hard drive icon either in Finder or on your Desktop. Wait for the copy to complete.

Can you have 2 iPhoto libraries on one computer?

To create a second iPhoto library, quit iPhoto and then hold down the Option key while you launch iPhoto. This will open a window that displays a list of your various libraries. To switch between libraries, you will need to quit iPhoto, launch iPhoto while pressing Option, and choose a different library to open.

How do I switch between Photos libraries?

If you do have multiple libraries, you can only work with the photos in only one library at a time. To work with photos in another library, you must switch between photo libraries. To do this: Hold down the option key on your keyboard.

How do I import iPhoto library to Windows 10?

How to Move Your Mac files to a Windows PC

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  2. Connect your external drive to your Mac, open the drive and select File.
  3. Select New Folder.
  4. Type Exported Files” and hit Return.
  5. Open the Photos app and click Edit in the Menu bar.
  6. Click Select All.
  7. Click File.
  8. Move your cursor to Export.