How do I find a Library of Congress subject headings?

How do I find a Library of Congress subject headings?

LCSH is available through Classification Web or through the free PDFs available at //, and the SHM can be found in Cataloger’s Desktop or through the free PDFs at //

What is subject headings PDF?

According to Reitz, a subject heading is “The most specific word or phrase that describes the subject, or one of the subjects, of a work, selected from a list of preferred terms (controlled vocabulary) and assigned as an added entry in the bibliographic record to serve as an access point in the library catalog.

How many subject headings are there in LCSH?

The subject authority database from which the headings in this edition were drawn indicates that the file contains approximately 24,306 personal name headings of which 23,190 represent family names, 9,892 corporate headings, 6 meeting or conference headings, 481 uniform titles, 241,726 topical subject headings, and …

Who uses LCSH?

the United States Library of Congress
The Library of Congress Subject Headings (LCSH) comprise a thesaurus (in the information science sense, a controlled vocabulary) of subject headings, maintained by the United States Library of Congress, for use in bibliographic records.

What is the purpose of the Library of Congress subject headings?

Overview. Library of Congress Subject Headings (LCSH) is a list of words and phrases – called headings – that are used to indicate the topics of library resources. It is used by most academic and research libraries in the United States, as well as by many public and school libraries.

What is a subject heading example?

Examples of subject heading strings include things like Alcoholic beverages— Taxation—Law and legislation and United States—History—Civil War, 1861-1865—Regimental histories.

Who is the publisher of Sears list of subject heading?

Grey House Publishing
Sears List of Subject Headings was acquired by Grey House Publishing in 2018. With this twenty-second edition, Grey House continues its proud publishing history in print and online.

What are the four types of subject heading?

topical headings, • chronological headings, and • form headings. There is also another category of headings, geographic headings, that can be established in either the NAF or in LCSH, depending on what type of geographic heading it is.

How do you assign a subject heading?

Assigning and Constructing Subject Headings

  1. Scan First, scan the subject-rich portions of the item: Title page, table of contents, preface, introduction, text, bibliography, index, dust jacket, container, label, title screen.
  2. Look for Look for key words and concepts that describe what the resource is about.

What is the purpose of subject headings?

A subject heading is a specific word or phrase used to find and organize books and articles by topic. Subject headings can be a great way to easily find things related directly to your topic. Once you have identified a book or article that is worthwhile, look at the subject headings.

What is the importance of subject headings?

Subject headings are important because you can use them to find similar information more efficiently. Since they are the way a database or catalog defines a topic, searching by subject can be a more precise way to find the information you are looking for.

What is objective of subject heading?

The purpose of using a subject heading in a cataloging record is to give the person searching for items in the library a way to find information by the topics that are covered in those items.

Does the Library of Congress have a subject listing?

Library of Congress Subject Headings Library of Congress Subject Headings (LCSH) has been actively maintained since 1898 to catalog materials held at the Library of Congress. By virtue of cooperative cataloging other libraries around the United States also use LCSH to provide subject access to their collections.

Where can I find current headings for a subject?

Current headings can be found in the multivolume Library of Congress Subject Headings (LCSH) (Washington: Library of Congress, annual; Z695.Z8 L524a), known familiarly as the “Red Books.” The LCSH also provides call number ranges that can be searched.

How to construct subject heading in LCSH?

Constructing LC Subject Headings 1 Subject Subdivisions. The heading Women can be followed by “subdivisions,” which can be geographical, topical,… 2 Narrowing the Subject Heading. Women surgeons. 3 Rules and Strategies for Older Materials. The permutations of LCSH are many and are governed by firm rules. New subject… More

How do I use library of Congress authorities?

Using Library of Congress Authorities, you can browse and view authority headings for Subject, Name, Title and Name/Title combinations; and download authority records in MARC format for use in a local library system. This service is offered free of charge.