Did someone actually walk across the Twin Towers?

Did someone actually walk across the Twin Towers?

During the early morning hours of August 7, 1974, French high-wire artist Philippe Petit took his position at 1,350 feet above ground in the South Tower. High above the streets of New York, Petit began the 131 feet walk between the Twin Towers with no net.

How many times did Philippe Petit walk across the Twin Towers?

Shortly after 7 a.m., Petit stepped off the south tower onto the wire and seemed to immediately find his confidence. He not only walked but knelt on one knee, laid down, conversed with gulls and taunted police officers ready to arrest him on either end. In all, Petit crossed the quarter-mile-high wire eight times.

How long did it take Philippe Petit to walk between the twin towers?

about 45 minutes
Rigging took up most of the night, but Petit was ready to set out at about 7:00 am. He claimed to have made eight crossings between the towers in a period of about 45 minutes, embellishing the performance by sitting and lying down upon the wire as a crowd gathered below.

Is The Man Who Walked Between the Towers a true story?

“The Man Who Walked Between the Towers” by Mordicai Gerstein tells the true and wonderfully bizarre story of a French aerialist who, in 1974, spent 90 minutes walking, dancing, and even lying down on a wire that he strung across the two towers of the World Trade Center.

How did Philippe Petit feel about 9 11?

Petit not only wrote about his feat, and events that led to the performance, but also expressed his emotions following the September 11 attacks, during which the Twin Towers were destroyed. He wrote that on that morning, “My towers became our towers. I saw them collapse – hurling, crushing thousands of lives.

How true is the movie The Walk?

Yes. Much like what is seen in the movie, during the 45 minutes he spent on the wire, Philippe Petite walked, danced, knelt down and saluted, and lied down on the wire. The real Philippe Petit (top) lies down on the high-wire between the Twin Towers.

Is Philippe Petit alive today?

Though he’s now located in the United States, Petit has returned to his homeland time after time in order to claim still more daring high wire walks as his own. In 1989, he traversed the Seine, and he joined the Ringling Brothers Barnum & Bailey Circus just after the World Trade Center walk.

Where is Philippe Petit now?

Petit divides his time between New York City, where he is an artist in residence at the Cathedral of Saint John the Divine, and a hideaway in the Catskill Mountains.