Can I watch Channel 5 on demand?

Can I watch Channel 5 on demand?

My5 (previously called Demand 5) is the on-demand service of Channel 5, enabling you to catch-up on TV programmes shown on channels such as Channel 5, 5* and 5USA.

Can I download My5 on Android?

No, unfortunately our shows and films aren’t available for download. My5 is a streaming service, so you’ll need to be connected to the internet to enjoy our content.

Why is My5 not working on my TV?

Reinstall My5 app Therefore, you may need to reinstall the app to get it back to working with your smart TV. To do this, go to the Apps section, select the My5 app, and select the delete option from the sub-menu. Now install the app from Google Play or Samsung App store and see if this fixes the issue.

How can I watch Channel 5 on my phone?

My5 brings you your favourite shows from across the Channel 5 family, including Channel 5, 5STAR, 5USA, 5SELECT and the Paramount Network for free. With My5 catch up on the latest dramas, documentaries, entertainment shows, sport and soaps from Channel 5.

Can I get My5 on my phone?

My5 is available on Freesat, Freeview, NowTV and Roku boxes and streaming sticks, Amazon Fire TV sticks, iOS (Apple) and Android smartphones and tablets, Android TVs, Apple TVs, YouView, online at, PS4, Sony Android TVs 2016-18, and on 2016 Samsung TVs and Blu-ray players (see details).

Does LG Smart TV have demand 5?

It has now been made available for many LG TV’s. You will need to create an account though. If not… My5 doesn’t require you to log in to watch, although it’s useful for remembering your favourite programmes.

What is the best on demand app for Android?

14 Best On-Demand Apps For Android and iOS 1 Uber. 2 Postmates. 3 Rover. 4 Drizly. 5 Soothe. 6 Handy. 7 Bloom that. 8 TaskRabbit. 9 Fiverr. 10 Wag.

What is the My5 app?

Welcome to My5, the app that brings you your favourite shows from Channel 5, 5STAR, 5USA, 5SELECT and 5ACTION for free. •  Now supports Google Chromecast – stream all your favourite My5 shows to your TV. – You will need Android OS version 5 or above to use this application.

What are the system requirements to use the Channel 5 app?

– You will need Android OS version 5 or above to use this application. Channel 5 apps contain cookies. By downloading this app you are agreeing to our use of cookies. For more details visit

Why on demand mobile apps are the future of businesses?

Recently, the fresh wave of on demand service mobile apps for iOS and Android has revolutionized the way businesses offer their services. At the moment, over years of innovations, mobile technology has evolved and advanced beyond our imagination, affording live conversations, virtual socializing and fulfilling other desired lifestyle goals.