Who was at fault for the Hillsborough disaster?

Who was at fault for the Hillsborough disaster?

Based on initial briefings by the police, The Sun laid the blame for the Hillsborough disaster squarely on Liverpool fans, accusing them of being drunk, and in some cases of deliberately hindering the emergency response. It alleged that fans had urinated on a policeman, and that money was stolen from victims.

Is Anne Williams still alive?

Deceased (1951–2013)
Anne Williams/Living or Deceased

What did The Sun newspaper say about Hillsborough?

In 2005, 15 years after the disaster, The Sun published the following official statement: “Our carelessness and thoughtlessness following that blackest of days made the grief of their families and friends even harder to bear.

Was anyone held responsible for Hillsborough?

Thirty-two years of legal proceedings were over. After 97 people were unlawfully killed at an FA Cup semi final, and a major police force constructed a false case to blame the victims, nobody had been held to account.

Did anyone get charged for the Hillsborough disaster?

Of six men charged with offences over Hillsborough in 2017, the police officer in command, Ch Supt David Duckenfield, was acquitted of manslaughter in 2019, Sir Norman Bettison had charges dropped in 2018, and Metcalf, Denton and Foster have now been acquitted.

Did Anne Williams split from her husband?

Anne had lost her 15-year-old son Kevin at the Hillsborough disaster in 1989 and had then spent years campaigning for justice for the victims. The pressure of her ceaseless fight for justice caused Anne to split from her husband, Steve, and may well have worsened her already ailing health, but she never gave up.

Why is Anne Williams in a wheelchair?

Anne was diagnosed with terminal bowel cancer and arrived in court in a wheelchair being pushed by her brother Danny. The defiant mother had dedicated her life to over-turning the false official version of her son’s death after the initial inquest threw up more questions than answers.

Why can’t you buy The Sun in Liverpool?

Originally Answered: Why is the Sun banned in Liverpool? The Sun isn’t banned in Liverpool. It’s just that almost nobody there wants to buy it. A lot of newsagents refuse to stock the Sun, following on from the line that the sun took after the Hillsborough football disaster, where 96 people lost their lives.

What was the final outcome of the Hillsborough disaster?

In March 1991 its jury produced a verdict of accidental death. The families fought a campaign against it for 21 years, finally seeing it quashed in 2012 following the landmark report of the Hillsborough Independent Panel.