Who plays Miguel on Passions?

Who plays Miguel on Passions?

Jesse Metcalfe
Passions (TV Series 1999–2008) – Jesse Metcalfe as Miguel Lopez-Fitzgerald, Manuel Goncalves in flashback – IMDb.

What happened to Miguel on Passions?

The relationship between Miguel and Kay took another twist when Miguel fell off a fishing boat and drowned, but was rescued by a mysterious, young woman named Siren, who was actually a mermaid created by Endora Lenox, Fox’s half-sister.

Who did Miguel end up with on Passions?

He is the brother of Paloma, Theresa, Luis and Antonio. Miguel fell in love with Charity the moment he laid eyes on her. Charity also fell in love with him, but her cousin Kay was not about to give him up without a fight. The couple became closer over time and eventually made plans to marry.

What happened to Miguel and Charity on Passions?

Tabitha, Timmy, Charity, Miguel and Kay all survived. Hecuba’s scheme to get rid of Charity failed just like Tabitha’s. After that, Charity, Grace and Jessica stayed over at Tabitha’s house and Kay stayed with Miguel. Charity afterwards was trying to remember what happened and she started to.

Does Jesse Metcalfe have a family?

Cara Santana
Jeff MetcalfeNancy DeMaio
Jesse Metcalfe/Family

Did Charity and Miguel get married?

After Charity survived, Tabitha’s plans towards getting rid of Charity had subsided due to Timmy’s heart being in Charity. After that Charity and Miguel had plans to get married. On their wedding day tragedy struck when Kay found out she was pregnant with Miguel’s baby. Charity was upset and called the wedding off.

Why did Luis and Sheridan break up?

Both Sheridan and Luis objected to the arrangement at first, but Luis decided to put his job ahead of his personal feelings towards Sheridan, which were now blossoming into love. Sheridan could not do the same and would often put herself in dangerous situations trying to distance herself from Luis.

What happened to Kay on Passions?

Kay watched the man she was in love with made plans to marry her cousin, and sought to destroy them at all times by threatening to tell Charity, even though Eve said it would be dangerous for her to know the truth. Kay finally ended up at Tabitha’s and blackmailed Tabitha into letting her live with her.

Why did passions get Cancelled?

Passions was cancelled by NBC in January 2007 because of low ratings. DirecTV made a special arrangement to fund production of the soap and began airing it exclusively in the Fall of 2007, hoping that fans would be willing to subscribe to the satellite TV service or to pay an online subscription fee.

Is Jesse Metcalfe married to?

Metcalfe met Cara Santana in 2009. They got engaged in August 2016.

Who played Van McNulty on Smallville?

“Smallville” Asylum (TV Episode 2004) – Jesse Metcalfe as Van McNulty – IMDb.

Did Theresa and Ethan end up together?

Theresa and Ethan were finally married in a church ceremony as they both had dreamed of, in front of family and friends at St. Margaret Mary’s church on August 7, 2008, in the final scene of Passions.

Who is Miguel Lopez Fitzgerald on Passions?

Miguel Brandon Lopez-Fitzgerald is a fictional character on the NBC/DirecTV soap opera Passions. Miguel Brandon Lopez-Fitzgerald was born in Harmony on Dec. 14, 1983. He is the fourth child of five children and the third and youngest son born to Martin Fitzgerald (b. Apr. 6, 1949) and Pilar Lopez-Fitzgerald (b.

What happened to the TV soap opera Passions?

The soap ended on October 8, 2001. [Citation needed] Passions aired in Bosnia and Herzegovina for two years on Televizija OBN, which broadcast 520 episodes from 1999 to 2001.Show aired at 6:00 pm CET ,the reasons for cancellation were low ratings.

Who is the creator of the TV show Passions?

Created by writer James E. Reilly and produced by NBC Studios, the series was subsequently picked up by direct broadcast satellite service DirecTV, which broadcast new episodes airing on its exclusive channel The 101. Passions aired its first DirectTV episode on September 17, 2007.

When did the show Passions start and end?

Those episodes premiered on Super Channel on October 8, 2007 and ran until the series finale on August 7, 2008. On August 11, 2008, Super Channel began to air Passions from the premiere episode. Season 2 re-ran on Super Channel starting August 2009 and season 3 in 2010. Season 4 premiered on July 14, 2011.