Where is Karun Chandhok today?

Where is Karun Chandhok today?

Since leaving F1, Chandhok has served as an analyst, co-commentator and pit-lane reporter for a variety of British broadcasters. Since 2019, he has been a member of the Sky Sports F1 live coverage team.

Do you need a super license for Formula E?

Drivers must have accumulated at least 20 points in the past three years, in conjunction with the FIA points system, used to qualify for a Super Licence. Or, to have previously been holding a Super Licence, or to have participated in at least three events of the previous Formula E championship.

How much do you get paid in Formula E?

The average salary of a Formula E driver is thought to be around 750 k Euros a year. The top earners are in the 2,3–2,8 million dollar range. Formula one? The average annual salary is around 7,5 million Euros a year, with the top earner (Hamilton) earning around 35 million a year.

What is Superpole Formula E?

The fifteen minute “Super Pole” session sees the top five cars go out one at a time to set a lap good enough for pole.

Is Karun Chandhok Welsh?

A resident of the UK, Karun has built up a strong reputation as a commentator and analyst for motorsport, working with five different global Formula 1 broadcasters. He was a main commentator for Star Sports in Asia as well as BBC Radio 5 Live in the UK for a number of years.

What batteries do Formula E use?

LB: Battery packs are supplied to the Formula E by UK-based McLaren Applied Technologies and cost over $235,000 per unit. They use cylindrical cells with Li-ion chemistry of the NMC (nickel manganese cobalt) variety.

What does Formula E stand for?

exciting, efficiency, environment
According to Formula E, however, the “E” also stands for “exciting, efficiency, environment, and last but not least, a new era.” It can also, they say, stand for “entertainment.” I think we, the fans, will be the judge of that, thank you very much.

What manufacturers are in Formula E?

Formula E: Automotive Brands and their Electric Technologies

  • Audi. The four-ringed brand, which has recently announced its departure from World Endurance Championship racing, is the sole German team in Formula E (under the official name ABT Schaeffer Audi Sport).
  • BMW.
  • Faraday Future.
  • Jaguar.
  • Renault.