What was the name of Ocean Colour scene first album?

What was the name of Ocean Colour scene first album?

Ocean Colour Scene
Ocean Colour Scene/First album

What was ocean Colour scene biggest hit?

The record spawned three top 40 singles, “Profit in Peace”, “So Low” and “July”. A Greatest Hits album, Songs for the Front Row, was released in 2001.

What type of music is Ocean Colour scene?

Ocean Colour Scene/Genres

Who is the lead singer of Ocean Colour scene?

Simon Geoffrey Fowler
Simon Geoffrey Fowler (born 25 May 1965 in Meriden, Warwickshire) is an English singer and acoustic guitarist, best known as the frontman of Ocean Colour Scene….

Simon Fowler
Born 25 May 1965 Meriden, Warwickshire, England
Genres Rock, mod revival, folk
Occupation(s) Musician

Which ocean Colour scene song was written about Scotland?

The Riverboat Song
“The Riverboat Song” is a song by British band Ocean Colour Scene. It is heavily influenced by Led Zeppelin’s “Four Sticks”, from which it takes its main riff and a number of lyrics. The song is written in 6/8 swing time….Charts.

Chart (1996) Peak position
Scotland (OCC) 13
UK Singles (OCC) 15

Who was the drummer in Ocean Colour scene?

Oscar Harrison
Ocean Colour Scene/Drummers

Ocean Colour Scene’s drummer, Oscar Harrison, leads a double life – he’s the drummer and multi-instrumentalist with Birmingham’s Ocean Colour Scene and a leading DJ in his own right.

Is Ocean Colour scene Britpop?

And a band from the Birmingham suburb of Moseley reached the top 10 with an album that combined cord-clad 60s nostalgia and northern soul influences with robust, melodic Britpop songcraft. Today marks 20 years since Ocean Colour Scene’s Moseley Shoals entered the British charts.

Which Ocean Colour Scene song was written about Scotland?

Is Paul Weller in Ocean Colour Scene?

Paul Weller made a surprise appearance during Ocean Colour Scene’s show in London last night – check out the fan-shot footage below. The group joined Weller on tour back in the early ’90s, with their guitarist Steve Cradock going on to play in the former Jam frontman’s solo band.

Is Ocean Colour Scene Britpop?

Who was the drummer in Ocean Colour Scene?

How many studio albums does Ocean Colour Scene have?

The discography of the rock band Ocean Colour Scene, consists of ten studio albums and thirty-four singles . “—” denotes items that did not chart or were not released in that territory. B-sides compilation of material from the ‘Moseley Shoals’ era.

Who are Ocean Colour Scene?

Falling between the energetic pop/rock of mod revival and the psychedelic experimentations of Traffic, Ocean Colour Scene came to be one of the leading bands of the traditionalist, post-Oasis British rock of the mid-’90s.

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