What was happening in April 1918?

What was happening in April 1918?

April 7, 1918 (Sunday) Battle of the Lys – German forces launched the second stage of their Spring Offensive against the Allies on the Western Front, beginning massive artillery shelling on Lys, France. Finnish Civil War – Germany landed a detachment force of 3,000 troops at Loviisa, Finland to aid the White Guards.

Who won the battle of Zeebrugge?

Although resolutely carried out, the raid was an almost complete failure. Germany’s submarine force came close to winning the war with unrestricted attacks on British trade from 1917. One of the most important German U-boat bases was entered via a canal reaching the sea at Zeebrugge.

When was the Battle of Zeebrugge?

23 April 1918
The Zeebrugge Raid 23 April 1918 The aim of this raid was to sink several old ships in the canal entrance at Zeebrugge to stop German U-boats from using the port.

How do I get from Bruges to Zeebrugge port?

A bus operates from Zeebrugge ferry terminal to the Central Station of Blankenberge. From the Blankenberge Central Station, you can take the bus to the heart of the historic center of Bruges. The travel time from the ferry terminal to Bruges is approximately 70 minutes.

What was the mole Zeebrugge?

Zeebrugge Mole provided shelter for U-boats in the harbour and protected access to their inland base. The plan called for Marines and demolition parties to attack the mole while three British ships were deliberately sunk in the harbour to block U-boat access.

Which two Royal Marines were awarded the Victoria Cross after the raid on Zeebrugge?

Victoria Crosses were awarded to Able Seaman Albert Edward McKenzie (Vindictive) and Captain Alfred Carpenter (commander of Vindictive). Lieutenant-Commander Arthur Harrison and Lieutenant-Commander George Bradford who led raiding parties from Vindictive and Iris II received posthumous VCs.

What natural disasters happened in 1918?

Introduction. This year marks the 100th anniversary of one of the deadliest natural disasters in human history – The 1918 influenza pandemic, also known as the “Spanish Flu”, which killed about 50 million people worldwide.

How much is taxi from Zeebrugge to Bruges?

The official fixed rate for Zeebrugge to Bruges is 50 euro. To lower the cost you can perhaps carpool with people you met on the ship, or use forums to find people in advance. Booking your taxi in advance is possible.