What is NCS Cisco Prime?

What is NCS Cisco Prime?

Cisco Prime Infrastructure is a bundled solution for complete wired and wireless lifecycle management. It offers: Improved configuration, change, and compliance management for lower TCO.

What are three benefits of using Cisco Prime Infrastructure?

The major benefits of Cisco Prime Infrastructure are:

  • useful interface and intuitive configuration.
  • visualization of different information (for example, Device 360 View)
  • the possibility of customization of the interface profile (dashboards)
  • simple and comfortable use.
  • support for a huge park of the Cisco Systems devices.

How much is Cisco Prime Infrastructure?

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#No Product List Price (USD)
1 PRIME-NCS-APL-K9 $14,995.00
2 PI-1.1-MEDIA-K9 $25.00
3 R-W-PI11-50-M-K9 $1,295.00
4 R-W-PI11-100-M-K9 $2,195.00

How does Cisco Prime licensing work?

Adding a Traditional License to Access Features You purchase licenses to access the Prime Infrastructure features required to manage your network. Each license also controls the number of devices or the number of devices on which NetFlow is enabled that you can manage using those features.

What is a Cisco DNA center?

Cisco DNA Center is a complete software-based network automation and assurance solution. It’s the dashboard for control and management of our intent-based networking solution, Cisco DNA. Finally, there’s an open, extensible platform for making intent-based networking a reality.

Does Cisco Prime support other vendors?

It provides fault and performance monitoring, configuration management, network visibility, and provisioning, across Cisco wired and wireless products. According to Cisco: No support for any non-Cisco equipment, and no way to add any.

Is Cisco prime end of life?

Cisco announces the end-of-sale and end-of life dates for the Cisco Prime Collaboration Assurance and Analytics – Select Skus. The last day to order the affected product(s) is May 16, 2021 . Table 2 lists the product part numbers affected by this announcement.

What is the difference between Cisco Prime and DNA?

Cisco Prime simplifies network management, improves operations efficiency, reduces errors, and makes the delivery of network services more predictable. Cisco DNA Center is a complete management and control platform for your network, designed, created, and implemented by Cisco.

What is Prime Infrastructure 3 Lifecycle LIC?

The Cisco Prime™ Infrastructure 3. x, Management 3. x Ordering Guide addresses key use cases and customer situations. You can do a fresh installation of it, then export MAPs, device inventory, and licenses from earlier versions and import them into Prime Infrastructure 3.

Is Cisco DNA Center Free?

With Cisco DNA Center, you can manage your network from a single pane of glass. Get started right with a free Cisco DNA Center Appliance, plus free expert coaching focused on your specific use cases, goals, and objectives.

Is Cisco Prime Infrastructure going away?

Cisco recently announced the end-of-sale and end-of-life for Cisco Prime Collaboration Assurance and Analytics. There is no replacement product on Cisco’s roadmap.

Is Cisco DNA replacing Prime?

Once that work is finished, DNA Center will have replaced Prime for both automation and assurance capabilities (this can be done for the overall network or on a per-site level).