What is master type directive?

What is master type directive?

The MasterType directive assigns a class name to the Master property of a page, to make it strongly typed.

Which directive uses namespace attribute?

@Import Directive
So the @Import Directive imports namespaces. This directive supports just a single attribute “namespace” and this attribute takes a string value that specifies the namespace to be imported.

Which attribute in page directive refers the code behind module?

When you deploy . aspx pages, if their associated code-behind class files are not precompiled, you must deploy the code-behind class files with the application. Additionally, you must add the Src attribute to the @ Page directive because the class file must be available when it is compiled on demand.

What are true about master page choose the correct option?

Here, you can read Master Pages multiple choice questions and answers with explanation. 3) What is/are true about master page? a. Master page contains a <%@ Master %> directive instead of the normal <%@ Page %> directive.

What is ASP.NET custom web control?

Custom control is a control that is not included in the . NET framework library and is instead created by a third-party software vendor or a user. Custom control is a concept used while building both Windows Forms client and ASP.NET Web applications. Custom control is a generic term that also includes user controls.

What is JSP page directive?

The page directive is used to provide instructions to the container that pertain to the current JSP page. You may code the page directives anywhere in your JSP page. By convention, page directives are coded at the top of the JSP page. Following is the basic syntax of page directive − <%@ page attribute = “value” %>

Why do we use System in C#?

The using System line means that you are using the System library in your project. Which gives you some useful classes and functions like Console class or the WriteLine function/method. The namespace ProjectName is something that identifies and encapsulates your code within that namespace.

What is web form VB Net?

Web Forms are pages that your users request using their browser. These pages can be written using a combination of HTML, client-script, server controls, and server code.

What is CLR in .NET framework?

The Common Language Runtime (CLR), the virtual machine component of Microsoft . NET Framework, manages the execution of . NET programs. The CLR provides additional services including memory management, type safety, exception handling, garbage collection, security and thread management.

At what level master page is applied?

You can attach content pages to a master page at three levels: At the page level You can use a page directive in each content page to bind it to a master page, as in the following code example. At the application level By making a setting in the pages element of the application’s configuration file (Web.

What are the advantages of master page Mcq?

a. It helps to display common content in multiple pages. b. They allow you to centralize the common functionality of your pages so that you can make updates in just one place.

How to use the mastertype directive in a page?

The MasterType Directive When we want to use the property in a page which reference the previous master page we need to put the inside of it the MasterType directive: <%@ MasterType VirtualPath=”~/Site1.Master” %> This directive declare that the master page of a page is strongly type.

What is the use of the strongly type directive?

This directive declare that the master page of a page is strongly type. By that simple directive we gain access to the master exposed public properties and methods through the Master property of the page. For example this is how in the page I’ll call the IsPageEnabled property of the master page:

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