What is IEC 62305?

What is IEC 62305?

New approach with IEC 62305 As it was said, the standardIEC 62305 is formed by 4 parts for protection against lightning, covering the external and internal structure and direct and indirect effects of lightning – structure and its content and electrical and electronic systems.

Is risk management the subject of IEC 62305-2?

So, risk management is the subject of IEC 62305-2 [2] and the suggested protection measures considered in the standard are proved to be effective in risk reduction. All measures for protection against lightning form the overall lightning protection.

Is structural lightning protection integral to BS EN/IEC 62305?

In essence, structural lightning protection can no longer be considered in isolation, protection against transient overvoltages or electrical surges is integral to BS EN/IEC 62305. Structure of BS EN/IEC 62305 The BS EN/IEC 62305 series consists of four parts, all of which need to be taken into consideration. These four parts are outlined below:

What is BS EN 62305-1 general principles?

BS EN/IEC 62305-1 General principles This opening part of the BS EN/IEC 62305 suite of standards serves as an introduction to the further parts of the standard. It classifies the sources and types of damage to be evaluated and introduces the risks or types of loss to be anticipated as a result of lightning activity.