What is honors degree in BTech?

What is honors degree in BTech?

B. Tech. honours is an undergraduate academic degree offered in India which focuses mainly on computers and technology. It is generally a 4 year course and the minimum eligibility required for this course is an intermediate or 10+2 from a recognized board or university.

Is BTech equivalent to Honours degree?

there is no more difference in b. tech and b. tech honours except b. tech honours gives the graduation degree with speciallisation in that particular branch as you are in computer science means you will get speciallisation with that subject.

What are grades in BTech?

Grading System

Grade Marks Performance
A 75 to 79.99 Excellent
B 70 to 74.99 Very Good
C 60 to 69.99 Good
D 50 to 59.99 Above Average

Is BTech Honours better than BTech?

There is no major difference between BTech and BTech(Hons.). The BTech(Hons.) programme mainly deals in the particularity aspect, which is unlike B. Tech, the candidates can choose a particular subject of their choice in the final year, to study each and every aspect of the subject in full depth.

What is BTech Honours in KTU?

Tech. (Honours) Accredited departments in institutions, having at least two post graduate programmes, may offer B. Tech (Honours). Students with a CGPA above 8 at the end of the fourth semester and having no credit arrears only are eligible for this option.

What is BTech Honours KTU?

Only Students having no credit arrears and a CGPA of 8 or above at the end of the fourth semester are eligible to register for B. Tech (Honours). They have to earn additional 12 credits to complete the B. Tech (Honours) programme by registering for courses, each having a minimum of 3 credits.

What CSE Hons?

The CSE Honors Program encourages eligible undergraduate students to perform advanced study in their major. Students who complete the honors program also have an honors distinction officially bestowed on them upon graduation.

Is BTech graduation or equivalent to graduation?

B. Tech from a recognised university is treated equivalent to graduation degree in the field of engineering and technology and B. Tech grads are eligible for all government jobs and higher studies where the eligibility criteria is graduation degree.

What is the advantage of BTech honors?

Tech (honors) graduation because you have studied more than the regular syllabus. Advantages: Since you are learning some different courses and skills they will help you in some or the other way . And you will be getting the benefits of these skills in the job interviews where you and a person with B.

Is 70 percent BTech good?

Throughout 70% marks is good enough to be eligible for any type of competitive examinations either in government sectors or in private sectors. So you need not to worry about that if you are scoring 70%. After all only knowledge matters not percentage matters at all.

How is KTU marks calculated?

KTU follows 10 point grade scale. SGPA and CGPA are calculated as the weighted average of grade point multiplied by the credits for the courses. A general formula for conversion of SGPA/CGPA into percentage of marks cannot be defined.

What is the pass mark for KTU?

A student should have a minimum of 45% marks in the end semester examination to be eligible for grading in a course.