What is engine room overhead crane?

What is engine room overhead crane?

The engine room crane consists of a motor coupled with a wire drum so that the motor can lift or lower the crane hoist by winding or unwinding the wire over the drum. The whole system is then fitted in a trolley.

How do you test the engine room in a crane?

Crane is tested to 1.5 times safe working load (SWL), by using a dynamo-meter. One end of the dynamo-meter is connected to the crane hook while other end is connected to a strong point in ship structure. The load can be read from readings shown.

Which crane is best suited for usage in engine room?

DCB MAN B&W DOUBLE JIB CRANE Suitable for engine rooms with very limited height and two hoists are required for the service jobs. This crane is designed to fit lifting tools from MAN.

What is engine room maintenance?

These tasks include checking lube oil, coolant levels, and transmission fluid levels. These checks should be performed on both propulsion engines and generators. Of course, checking oil levels will require the engine to be shut down for a short time.

What are the equipments in the engine room?

Besides propulsion and auxiliary engines, a typical engine room contains many smaller engines, including generators, air compressors, feed pumps, and fuel pumps. Today, these machines are usually powered by small diesel engines or electric motors, but may also use low-pressure steam.

What are the safeties in windlass?

What are windlass Safety Devices? Slipping clutch for overload,for preventing any undesirable damage such as hull damage due to anchor and rope brake out.

What checks are carried out in the engine room?

Check the heat generation. Check all the limits and trips are working properly. Check the contact areas of electrical equipment. Check the brake operation.

How is maintenance work done onboard?

In a ship’s engine room, where the maximum machines are located, engineers and crew carry out the maintenance for safe and efficient operation. Each machine on board a ship requires maintenance which has to be carried out at regular intervals of time.

How can anchor operation prevent accidents?

To avoid accidents like anchor dragging, vessels should keep a safe distance from other vessels, navigational hazards, underwater cables and pipelines. The distance to the nearest grounding line should be no less than one nautical mile.

What is an engine room arrangement plan?

The accommodation block is usually arranged above the engine room and both of them must be very well coordinated to create one logical solution. Detailed Engine Room Arrangement with the Index of Machinery and Equipment shall be the part of the Contract Design.

What procedure you will follow while taking over engine room watch?

Handing over of the watch should be carried out according to the instructions provided by the chief engineer and company’s standing orders. It should be done in such a way that the watch keeping becomes smoother and continuation of any kind of work is not affected on the ship.

What are the parts of a windlass?

The major parts of a windlass are the main shaft, driving shaft, inspection cover, gear, gear frame, drums (one or more), warping head or couplings, brake band, brake liner assembly, chain wheel, gear wheel, pinion, clutch and high-speed, low-speed hydraulic valve blocks.

What is an engine room Crane?

The engine room crane is a lifting device mainly used for the engine maintenance work in the engine room of ship, it consists of trolley moving longitudinally and transverse, HM-C type electric hoist, drive system of longitudinally and transverse.

What is the role of 2nd Engineer in engine room Crane?

Second engineer is responsible for operation, maintenance and safety checks of the engine room crane. Safety Features of Engine Room Crane: 1) The most important safety feature of the crane is the electromagnetic fail safe brakes which do not allow the crane to fall with the load even when there is failure of power.

What is the capacity of an engine lift crane?

This is done so that the crane can lift all the individual parts of the engine during routine maintenance. Normally, the capacity range for these cranes is from o.5 to 15 tonnes. Sometimes two cranes are fitted in an engine room, wherein space and reach is a problem, to simplify the lifting operation.

How does a one crane with two hoists work?

One crane with two hoists is also commonly fitted onboard. The engine room crane consists of a motor coupled with a wire drum so that the motor can lift or lower the crane hoist by winding or unwinding the wire over the drum. The whole system is then fitted in a trolley.