What is default access modifier in Apex?

What is default access modifier in Apex?

Private: Private is the default access modifier, if the method or variable does not have a access modifier specified. Private means that the variable or method can only be accessed within the apex class in which it is defined.

What is definition modifier in Apex class?

The public access modifier declares that this class is visible in your application or namespace. The global access modifier declares that this class is known by all Apex code everywhere. If a method or inner class is declared as global , the outer, top-level class must also be defined as global .

What are the access specifiers in SalesForce?

Access Specifiers in SalesForce Cloud Computing – Salesforce. When defining methods and variables in Apex, you have the option of using the private, protected, public, or global access modifiers.

How many ways asynchronous code can be written in SalesForce?

Types of Asynchronous Apex: Asynchronous Apex comes in four different flavors. Depending upon the use case, user can identify which flavor suits the requirement. Future Method : These are the methods which are used in synchronous transactions by using @future annotation on the method.

What are class access modifiers?

Access modifiers (or access specifiers) are keywords in object-oriented languages that set the accessibility of classes, methods, and other members. When the class is declared as public, it is accessible to other classes defined in the same package as well as those defined in other packages.

What is static in Apex?

Static is a special, often used keyword modifier in Apex that’s important enough to get its own post. Static variables are variables that belong to an overall class, not a particular object of a class. Think of a static variable to be like a global variable – its value is shared across your entire org.

Which access modifier is not part of Salesforce Apex?

Note :- In Apex, the public access modifier is not the same as it is in Java. This was done to discourage joining applications, to keep the code for each application separate. In Apex, if you want to make something public like it is in Java, you need to use the global access modifier.

What is access modifier in Salesforce?

The access to classes, constructors, methods and fields are regulated using access modifiers i.e. a class can control what information or data can be accessible by other classes. This means the method or variable can be used by any Apex in this application or namespace.

Is Apex synchronous or asynchronous?

Synchronous Apex means entire Apex code is executed in one single go. Asynchronous term means not existing or occurring at the same time. Asynchronous apex is executed when resources are available.

What is Apex asynchronous?

Future Methods in Salesforce asynchronous apex A future method executes when it has resources available. A future method runs in the background, asynchronously. It is used for executing long-running operations like Web services, call outs or any other operation which has to run on its own time.

What are access modifiers give me an example?

What are Access Modifiers? In Java, access modifiers are used to set the accessibility (visibility) of classes, interfaces, variables, methods, constructors, data members, and the setter methods. For example, class Animal { public void method1() {…} private void method2() {…} }

What are access modifiers Oops?