What is AM21?

What is AM21?

It was the DIRECTV AM21 antenna module, and it connected to DIRECTV receivers giving you up to 50 channels of over-the-air TV right in your guide. You could watch, rewind and record antenna TV just like it was satellite TV. DIRECTV no longer sells the AM21, and used ones on eBay fetch a pretty penny.

Does AM21 work with Genie?

Not at this time. At one point Genies supported the AM21 better than older hardware but that is no longer true. In fact, some HR44 users have reported that their AM21s stopped working after a recent software update. DIRECTV has no official answer for this since the AM21 is “deprecated.”

What is a DIRECTV tuner?

You might think of the number of black boxes in the house, but DIRECTV thinks in terms of “tuners.” In DIRECTV parlance, a tuner is defined as the ability to watch or record one channel. In order to watch one thing and record another, you need two tuners.

How do I get directv local channel connector?

Set up your local channel connector. Connect the antenna splitter to the power adapter using the mini-USB cable from your kit and plug it in to an outlet. Use the coaxial cable to connect the antenna to the local channel connector. Plug the local channel connector’s USB into your receiver’s USB port.

What does currently in use by LR mean?

living room
LR probably means living room, it’s the name of one of your receivers.

Why do I not have local channels on DIRECTV?

A local channel may disappear from your DirecTV lineup because the channel owner is asking for an unreasonable amount of money from the satellite carrier to renew the carriage contract. It’s not just DirecTV, almost all cable and satellite providers have to face such a problem and encounter threats from network owners.

How do I get my local channels back on my DIRECTV?

Refresh your DIRECTV channels and service

  1. Go to myAT account overview and select My DIRECTV.
  2. Choose Manage Package.
  3. Scroll to Manage receivers and elect Refresh receiver.
  4. Your DIRECTV service may be interrupted for a few minutes during the refresh process.

Where to buy DirecTV AM21 Ota receiver for HR21 through HR23?

Amazon.com: DIRECTV AM21 OTA Receiver for HR21 through HR23 : Electronics Skip to main content .us Hello Select your address Electronics

Why can’t I see channels on my am21n scan?

The firmware of the DirecTV HD-DVRs and Receivers does not let the AM21N SCAN for channels, the channels come from a 3rd party database that DirecTV uses to “program” the AM21N.

How much did you pay for the AM21?

Purchased the AM21 device in September 2008 to receive free over the air HDTV channels. Total purchase price was $64.95. We have been using it for over 2 years now.

How much does a 21 volt power inserter for DirecTV cost?

AT (Formerly DIRECTV) 21 Volt Power Inserter for All DIRECTV SWM LNBs (PI21) 4.6 out of 5 stars 1,095 31 offers from $2.79 AT Directv C61 Genie Mini Client (DIRECTV HR34, HR44, HR54 Genie DVR is required. Sold Separately) 3.2 out of 5 stars 70 3 offers from $25.00