What episode does Finn and Rachel get married?

What episode does Finn and Rachel get married?

“I Do” is the fourteenth episode of the fourth season of the American musical television series Glee, and the eightieth episode overall.

Were Rachel and Finn supposed to get married?

Following their graduation from high school, Rachel and Finn intend to get married. However, Finn feels that Rachel is only settling for him and that their marriage would hinder her success at NYADA. So instead of getting married, he puts her on a train to New York and does not follow her.

Did Rachel and Finn get engaged?

In season 3, Rachel loses her virginity to Finn, and the two later get engaged. Despite this, the two go forward with their marriage plans, but Finn realizes that he is holding Rachel back from achieving her dreams, so he breaks off their engagement.

Who did Rachel get married to in Glee?

Jesse St. James

Rachel Berry
Occupation Actress Singer Formerly: High school student College student Waitress Co-director of the glee club
Family Hiram Berry (father) LeRoy Berry (father) Shelby Corcoran (biological mother) Beth Corcoran (adoptive sister)
Spouse Jesse St. James (husband)

Do Finn and Rachel get back together in season 4?

Once again, their relationship is rekindled for the third time when Finn kisses Rachel in New York. After losing at Nationals, they eventually get back together.

Does Rachel have Finn’s baby?

She ended up not being pregnant, but it didn’t stop fans from hoping that she’d get back together with Finn one day. After all, they were supposed to be “endgame,” as Finn told Rachel in Season 4 Episode 14, titled “I do” (watch the video below).

Do Rachel’s Dads get divorced?

After Rachel comes home from LA, LeRoy visits her in her bedroom and tells her the sad news that he is getting divorced with Hiram. He also mentions that he put the house up for sale. He later organizes an intervention together with Blaine, Sam and Will to face Rachel with the reality.

Does Rachel and Ross have a baby?

During the show’s second season, the character becomes romantically involved with Monica’s brother, Ross, with whom she maintains a complicated on-off relationship throughout the series. Together, Ross and Rachel have a daughter, Emma.

Does Rachel marry Joey?

In the tenth and final season of Friends, Rachel gets offered a job at Louis Vuitton in Paris. But Rachel walks in and says, “I got off the plane.” They kiss and tell each other, “This is it,” hinting that they’ll finally get married (which eventually happens on the Friends spinoff, Joey).

Are Finn and Rachel dating in real life?

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Does Finn go out with Rachel?

True. But, when Finn was under the impression he was the father of Quinn’s baby he made out with Rachel twice. Yes, that doesn’t make Quinn any less wrong, but it certainly shows that Finn is a douche for cheating on his girlfriend.

Are Rachel and Finn from Glee dating in real life?

Shortly after the couple welcomed their first son Elijah; they had their second, Owen, three years later. Many fans know that Rachel not only dated Finn on screen but also in real life. Leah Michelle and Cory Monteith had been dating since the show first began. In 2012, they officially became a couple.

Are Finn and Rachel Getting back together?

Once again, their relationship is rekindled for the third time when Finn kisses Rachel in New York. After losing at Nationals, they eventually get back together. In most of Season Three, they do not experience any significant problems, besides getting to know each other better in order to get used to each other.