What does the abbreviation cab stand for?

What does the abbreviation cab stand for?


Acronym Definition
CAB Civil Aeronautics Board
CAB Citizens’ Advice Bureau (UK)
CAB Community Advisory Board
CAB Citizens Advisory Board

What is the synonym of cab?

In this page you can discover 14 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for cab, like: hansom, taxicab, taxi, limousine, automobile, vehicle, carriage, locomotive, hack, cabriolet and bus.

What does cab stand for in college?

The Campus Activities Board (CAB) is the student programming board that researches and develops a variety of social, educational, community service, and other extra-curricular programs, in order to provide a more entertaining, intellectually stimulating, and culturally enlightening experience for the diverse community …

What is a cab horse?

Definition of cab horse 1 : a horse used for drawing a cab. 2 : a horse of moderate weight and size with ability to draw a fair load at a moderate speed.

What does cab mean in CPR?

Recommending that chest compressions be the first step for lay and professional rescuers to revive victims of sudden cardiac arrest, the association said the A-B-Cs (Airway-Breathing-Compressions) of CPR should now be changed to C-A-B (Compressions-Airway-Breathing).

What does cab mean in accounting?

A change-advisory board (CAB) delivers support to a change-management team by advising on requested changes, assisting in the assessment and prioritization of changes.

What is a antonym for cab?

noun. ( ˈkæb) A compartment at the front of a motor vehicle or locomotive where driver sits. Antonyms. limp totter paddle swagger. motor vehicle compartment.

What does cab stand for in high school?

2021-2022 General Education Curriculum Advisory Board (CAB)

When did hansom stop?

The cabs were widely used in the United Kingdom until 1908 when Taximeter Cars (petrol cabs) started to be introduced and were rapidly accepted; by the early 1920s horse-drawn cabs had largely been superseded by motor vehicles. The last licence for a horse-drawn cab in London was relinquished in 1947.

What does Deucedly mean?

Definitions of deucedly. adverb. (used as intensives) extremely. “deucedly clever” synonyms: deadly, devilishly, insanely, madly.

Why is A-B-C called Taxi?

Now, instead of A-B-C, which stands for airway and breathing first followed by chest compressions, the American Heart Association wants rescuers to practice C-A-B: chest compressions first, then airway and breathing.