Packing Survival Backpack Include Satellite Phone in Your List

Packing Survival Backpack Include Satellite Phone in Your List

A well designed survival kit is priceless for any kind of emergency situation. Whereas most of the survival kits are planned mainly for the outdoor survival conditions but there are some survival kits that are designed for the urban situations. Most of the items that are listed in your survival kit list can overlap with the urban survival kit. However, there are some priorities that depend on your scenarios. Think of the space, weight, or other situational priorities while making your own choices. Always make sure you carry best quality of items that will not break down in the real emergency and disaster situation.

Survival Backpack List

Communication Devices

Generally, the survival kits are made to help a person to get through the situation where help will not get secured. But, when you are prepared with the satellite phone you will be able to contact help anywhere across the globe. In some situations, the two-way radio or pre-paid phone is everything you need and contact help whenever you want the most. To know more about buying a good satellite phone, better check out some online stores like!


Make sure you pack 1.5 liters of water per person daily. You can just pack some mineral water bottles, however, these can have very limited shelf life, and thus you will have to replace it at the regular intervals. The emergency water pouches, like used in the life-raft supplies, will have the 5 year shelf life thus provide best solution for your survival kit.


Pack ready to eat foodstuff in your backpack to keep you self-sufficient in any immediate aftermath of the incident. The Emergency Food Rations, one used in the life- rafts, offers the high calorie and long shelf-life like biscuit, which is easy to store and compact. The rations packs are generally used by the armies worldwide are the best choice.


A person can survive for many days without water and food, but just some minutes without air. Debris and dust is overwhelming at a site of the accident ad incident. The disposable respirator masks are easy to wear over your nose and mouth to filter dust, aqueous mists and particles.


The good torch is one important component of your survival backpack. Choose the emergency torch, which uses LEDs since these can last for several hours, and negating need for the spare bulbs. Buying many kinds of torches makes a little sense. Head torch (can be worn on forehead) make hands do other tasks. Additionally get two kinds of the hand held torches. Firstly, select the wind-up torch with built-in dynamo, which charges the internal batteries so you do not run out of the power.


Getting through the information is very important during the crisis. Tune to the emergency radio broadcasts through the portable AM and FM radio receiver. Just like the torches, even emergency radio is available with the built in generators that will wind-up power and can be easily used anytime. Keep in mind that mains electricity might not be accessible and you might not access internet.


Stay dry and warm when you are planning to go for many days. Choose compact and light items as space will be at premium in your backpack. The layers of clothing have to be versatile. The travel ponchos are the selection that will keep you dry. The foil blankets are good in retaining the body heat and they can be used only at rest. The emergency foil poncho will be the best choice since it is very compact and light still it can keep you dry and warm even when moving about.

First Aid

The first aid kit items must reflect your training and should include wound cleansing & dressing supplies, burn and eyewash treatment bandages. Include some basic medications and personal prescription items that will last you a week or so.


Make sure you pack emergency mobile charger (for connecting when the service resumes) and extra batteries for some other tools. Select lithium batteries, since they’re light weight and will be used in the extreme environmental conditions. The high quality multi-tool, loud whistle, waterproof tape, and personal flashing beacon are highly suggested as an addition to your backpack.

Final Words

One final item you have to consider will be adding “cheat sheet.” The cheat sheet includes information that can be of huge value in the survival situation.